The iPhone 7 Gets in to the Hands of Those That Need It!

It’s finally here! The iPhone 7. There have been many that have been waiting for this phone. Here is one man that’s been waiting.

The wait for the iPhone 7 has been a long hard road for some. Waiting on the edge of their seat, just aching to get their hands on it. Reading each new “leak” and prediction with baited breath, just waiting to see what the new iPhone 7 would bring.

Or, in the case of the headphone jack and innovation, not bring.

One such man has been waiting. He’s been waiting to get his hands on the iPhone 7 so he could make his YouTube video. I wonder why this man didn’t get a review unit of the device? He surely deserves it. After all, he runs the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube.

iPhone 7


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