Yet Another iPhone 7 Explodes in China

A four month old iPhone 7 explodes with a bang.

Her name is Yin. Yin lives in Suquian City in East China’s Jiangsu Province. Yin was the proud owner of an iPhone 7. ‘Was’ is the keyword in that sentence.

The phone was only four months old. And the battery had died. Nothing strange there. Yin took the phone and plugged it in and left it charge on a bed side table.

‘I went out for a walk and heard the explosion when I came home.

‘Then I realized it was my phone.’

Yin’s phone was a Matte Black iPhone 7. Now, it’s more a charred black iPhone. Luckily, the only injury in this explosion was to the iPhone itself.

This time.

And yet another iPhone bites the dust.

iPhone 7



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