iPhone 7 bug crashes EarPods

New Lightning EarPods crash due to iOS bug

We’ve heard a great many stories about how Apple “had the courage” to remove the headphone jack from the latest iPhone.

It’s beginning to look like that courage may have been closer to foolishness however. Users are reporting issues with their brand-new Lightning-port-connected EarPods crashing.

Users can still hear music but it seems that the volume controls stop responding, along with shortcuts to answer calls and activate Siri.

The reason? A software error.

Unlike headphones that use the 3.5mm audio jack Apple removed in the iPhone7, EarPods (and other Lightning Port-connected headphones) rely on software to function properly. Apple have admitted this is due to a bug in iOS10, which will most likely be fixed in an upcoming update. [Apple admitting a fault? Did Hell freeze over?! – Ed]

Until then, users are advised to unplug their Lightning Earpods and plug them back in. This will ‘reset’ the software temporarily – unfortunately there is no way of telling when the issue will reoccur, as it is an intermittent problem.


Jon Hunnings

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