iPhone 6s, Where ‘s’ Stands for Smaller Battery


Apple unveiled the all new all different iPhone 6s yesterday! OK, quiet down, we know it’s not different. The company that once thought thinking different was a positive, seems to have left that ideal in the past. Now it seems that Apple purposely offers the least amount of changes as possible. And it has seemed to work for them. Apple’s strategy as I see it, offer something novel, which can be promoted as the greatest thing to ever hit the mobile space, and give the tiniest of incremental improvements for the rest of the device. If you really think about it, that is how the iPhone, that truly was revolutionary and ahead of it’s time in 2007 (if you forget that the LG Prada existed anyway…) is now a minimum of 2 years behind all their competitors in current tech.

iPhone users have long hoped for certain things, like a durable phone, a battery that will last at least until lunch, or a phone that you could speak to someone and have them understand you, before the call drops. Apple tells it’s users they don’t need that. They need a slim phone, they need Siri, they need a fingerprint sensor, and now force touch. And iFans that never asked for these things, and were denied the things they did ask for, eat these devices up, making Apple the most profitable company ever.

This time Apple has shocked even me. Not only did they deny their users their most hoped for request, a longer lasting battery, they’ve made it even worse. Of course, we don’t know how long the new 6s will last yet, as it’s not yet out and in use, but with the 6s, Apple has introduced Force Touch. Force Touch allows for sensing pressure as well as touch, which is remarkably like what BlackBerry already did on the Storm devices, and also provides Taptic Feedback, which is remarkably like haptic feedback. This will of course use more power. Anyone could tell you that. Yet Apple didn’t give a larger battery, because Apple says thin is in. What they did do, was give the iPhone 6s a smaller battery. The iPhone 6s will have a 1715 mAh battery. This is considerably smaller than the 1810 mAh battery that is in the iPhone 6 which spends the majority of it’s life plugged in to wall sockets.

Once again, Apple shows that they don’t need to listen to their customers to take their money.

Source: Engadget


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  • ital1

    We should also add that their incremental updates are usually hardware, not purely software related – as you see from BlackBerry, Google/Android and WP. If you want their version of BlackBerry’s peek, well you’ll just have to buy the new phone as it is dependent on 3D Touch. Let’s not mention Apple Pay, where generations of iDevices came without NFC. While Apple was busy proclaiming it as needless technology, you needed to upgrade to the iPhone 6 for their revolutionary payments system, which of course came out in 2011 as Google Wallet.

  • xBURK

    Yea, but that ipencil really makes up for everything.

    • Brad

      After seeing how it charges, now and forever, it shall be named the iPad Boner

  • jubatus

    Abandon ship Apple short interest soars.. must be the battery life LOL!

  • Tinioesjunior

    …and the worst thing is that iDiot don’t seem to care, they’ll desperately run after the new/revolutionary piece of s***t.

    They must be hypnotized!


  • Anthony

    I watched the video. It looks like Force Touch will make the user concentrate on the iPhone screen for longer time intervals. Longer distraction times are not good for those people using iPhones while driving. iPhone users should pay higher insurance premiums. locco_smiley_45

    Also, your finger partially covers the screen as the information appears. It’s an annoyance with BBM timed messages. It could be an annoyance with Force Touch. locco_smiley_8

    One thing I like, without actually demoing iOS 9, is touching the icon and you get a short menu of options. BB10 could do something like this. Long press the icon and a short menu appears and one option is to delete the app. locco_smiley_14

  • Trev

    “Force Touch”… that sounds dirty. locco_smiley_44