iPhone 6s Users Losing Data During Restore


Apple iPhone 6s users are reporting losing data when restoring data from iCloud. ValueWalk describes he issue as affecting “a large number of iPhone 6s users” and a “widespread” issue.

It seems iPhone 6s users, when restoring their information from a previous iPhone 6s to their replacement iPhone 6s, via iCloud, users can lose messages, recent call data, Safari browsing history, and health statistics. Apple’s comment to the issue? In a very typical Apple fashion, no comment. There is a very obvious glitch in the backup and restore function, which only seems to be affecting the newest of the iPhone models.

Strangely enough, I believe a larger issue is being ignored. The iPhone 6s was released in September. It is now November. Within two months of release, how many iPhone users are having to replace their phones? Enough for it to be “a large number” and a “widespread” issue? One must wonder, how many of iPhone sales can be attributed to replacement devices for broken phones?


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