iPhone 6 Users Returning To iPhone 5s?


For a while now, we here at UTB have been pointing out how pitiful the updates are that the competing platforms have been giving their users. I’m not going to lie and say that there hasn’t been more than a little satisfaction as we have seen BB10 move through 10.0 to 10.1 to 10.2 and even *shhhh* 10.3. Each upgrade bringing new features and tricks, and making our phones  feel like a new device each time. And of course, new devices. Those of us that had the original BB10 devices, the Z10s and the Q10s, saw the introduction of the Z30, which took all the greatness of the Z10, and did away with any of the issues, the Z3 which has got to be the hottest looking budget device I’ve ever seen, and of course, the Passport, which I will say is the most innovative device of the decade. Meanwhile, over in android and iOS land, I haven’t really seen anything that even comes close to comparing.

And then the iPhone 6 came out. The iPhone stated that had iPhone that had so many sheep, I mean users, claiming that Apple was innovative again! You know, by adding NFC and finally getting a bigger screen. I personally didn’t see anything exciting about it. I mean, I’ve had NFC on my BlackBerry phones for years now, and I can use NFC to do things iPhone users can only dream about. And everyone has had bigger screens than iPhone. But they sure were excited. I suppose in the bigger picture, these were pretty big changes for iPhone users, who have had basically the same phone since the 4s (honestly, longer than that). But for those of us that live outside the Apple orchard, the upgrades are laughable.

If you take away the various upgrade errors with iOS, the bending and scratching and hair pulling, I suppose sheep iPhone users are probably pretty happy with the iPhone 6 right? I mean, it’s everything they were asking for, according to Apple.

Then again, perhaps not.

Chris Mills over at Gizmodo wrote an interesting post today, “Why I Left My iPhone 6 for an iPhone 5s“, I’m thinking this is not the kind of press Apple would like to be getting.

A week after the iPhone 6 launch, I found myself drunk, eligible for a contract phone upgrade, and holding my finger perilously close to the checkout. $200 for Apple’s latest seemed like a no-brainer. Two months of less-than-blissful life with the 6 later, and I’m switching back.

Two months on the brand new iPhone 6 and he’s ready to step back to last year’s phone? Oh my, this can’t be good. I know what you’re thinking, his phone bent, his phone exploded, his phone was scratched and pulling his hair. Or even, his scratched and bent phone pulled his hair then exploded! No, no… none of that. Chris was one of the lucky ones. He’s switching back because he wasn’t impressed. Not just not impressed though. I tend to think someone who is simply not impressed, would continue to at least use the phone, as opposed to going back to last year’s model.

As it turns out, the thing that most clearly sets the two devices apart—the size and design—is what I find to be the most annoying on the 6. I have small (but not ridiculously tiny) hands, and I basically live in perpetual fear of dropping it.

And the iPhone is not a phone that anyone should be dropping. I seriously doubt it would last a minor league ball player tossing it around, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to drop it down the side of a hill. Chris goes on to talk about how the differences between devices, namely,, the larger screen, the NFC, just aren’t worth the comfort he’s giving up moving on to the poorly designed iPhone 6.

And of course, being an iPhone user, Chris is quick to point out that it’s not just Apple and the iPhone having these issues. He can prove it!

This isn’t just an iPhone gripe, either. Exactly the same thing applies to almost every handset across the board. I’ve still got last year’s Moto X, which I use when I need an Android phone for some reason, and I still prefer it in every way to this year’s Motorola flagship. Not only is it a respectable size, but it still runs the latest Android version with the same aplomb as 2014 phones, and so far there’s no real exciting features I’m missing out on by owning a last-gen version.

Of course, this also falls right in line with what we have been saying here at UTB. Both iPhone and Android seems to be running in to this same issue. No real upgrades, no real improvements, no innovation. Sadly, Chris seems to think this is an issue with all 2014 smart phones. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that he has noticed a certain phone which has garnered quite a bit of attention lately.

You see, Chris has been a little jaded. He purchased himself a phone which may have been made this year, but really belongs in 2012. And is so dissatisfied with it, that he is going back and using  his previous phone. Which actually belongs in 2011. Sigh. What Chris needs is the BlackBerry Passport, a phone produced in 2014, that after using the iPhone, will make him feel like he’s from the future. Come on Chris, step out of the Apple orchard and get with the times.


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  • bartron

    That was expected. I expected people with small hands to stick with the older iPhones or switch to a Z10 — I have seen two people claim that they switched from an older iPhone to a Z10 because they wanted a newer phone in a small form. I was wondering if BB would capitalize on it and update the Z10, but I doubt that will happen.

  • Bigglybobblyboo

    Interesting idea… I’d like to see how an iPhone would get on being tossed around by a minor league baseball player and then thrown down a hill. Perhaps something like the slope of an old volcano and into a man made park at the bottom perhaps?

    Do you have a video? If not, could you shoot one on a Passport?

    • Blackjack

      My goodness! What phone could survive such torture?

  • bambinoitaliano

    If you read the comments of that article, it’s quite depressing. It’s like watching a bunch of mice stuck in the maze. All they have to do is just climb out.

  • Vorkosigan

    I have not yet seen an iPhone 6. At our office we have Q10s and Z10s and a few androids and a handful of iPhone’s and one (so far) gloriously beautiful Passport. But interest in the newest iPhone was surprisingly lacking.

    Now, one of our iphonians is finally planning on getting the 6. I’m curious to see if he likes it as much as he liked his co-workers passport.

    I have a feeling the biggest difference will still be that the Passport user doesn’t need her laptop to carry on day-to-day business where the iPhone users have to constantly ask me to wait for something while they go and do it on their computers. Apparently the idea that a smartphone should be a computer isn’t something that occurs to these people even though they paid more for their phones than for their laptops.


    It’s the difference between a consumer phone and a professional phone. Professional standards are always higher than those of the common market place. The PassPort is most uncommon.