iPhone 6 Repair Kit Fetches Over $200


A local man in New Zealand has come up with a fascinating way.of raising money for charity by helping out struggling iPhonians with their #bendgate purchase.

After all, it’s not like Apple will admit it…

So, in the absence of any admission from Cupertino, and therefore no warranty claim, distraught iPhonians are being offered, via the medium of Trade Me ( a popular New Zealand auction site in the same vein as EBay or Craigslist) the pinnacle of iNnovation…

A rolling pin

IPhone Rolling Pin

And, according to NZ website Stuff in a true case of supply and demand, New Zealanders have already pushed the price of the pin beyond $200.

The original person who listed the pin has agreed to donate all proceeds to charity once the pin is paid for.

Actually, with 10 million bendy phones out there, we would suggest he gets a deal with a worldwide courier company asap.

There’s a full time business here!



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