iPhone 6 Plus Explodes Coast to Coast

A story from California, repeated in Florida

Last October we told you of Yvette Estrada of Fresno California who awoke to her iPhone 6 exploding on her dresser next to her bed as she slept. Now, the story repeats itself on the other side of the country in Florida.

Amanda Bentz says she lucky. She is lucky she is a light sleeper. She’s lucky because she woke up as when her iPhone 6 Plus exploded on her nightstand next to her bed as she slept. The phone was charging on her nightstand when suddenly, “It literally blew flames right out the side of the phone.” Her husband Kyle managed to smother the flames with a shirt but not before it burned her night stand, curtains, and the pillowcase that was next to the nightstand, and her head. “If he wouldn’t have woken up right then and there, and like immediately came to and put it out, it would have caught the curtain on fire, and then the bed,” she said.

Apple has offered to replace the iPhone 6 Plus and a spokesperson from Apple stated “thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are looking into it.” But even the replacement offer carries a bit of a burn. Apple wants to place a $749 hold on the Bentz’s credit card, which they will release once Bentz ships the burned out phone back to them.

Shockingly, just a few houses down from the Bentz, another iPhone 6 Plus exploded, although not in such a spectacular fashion. On Tuesday, Bentz’s neighbor Greg Micelli woke up to his iPhone with an expanded battery which had cracked the screen. His phone was rendered useless. In this instance, his iPhone was not charging, it was just sitting next to his bed.

California and Florida have always had oranges in common. Now the states can share exploding Apples as well.




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