iPhone 6 Plus Camera Issues


Remember the “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign? Apple was oh so proud of the iPhone’s camera, that they began a campaign, taking users photos and blowing them up to billboard size and placing around various city locations. The idea behind the campaign was that the iPhone is the worlds most popular camera. Now the implication here is a little skewed of course, as the vast majority of iPhone buyers are not purchasing the iPhone to be their camera… but I digress.

There were many great photos presumably taken on iPhones. And the amount of media play the campaign received showed that it was another successful campaign by Apple. The iPhone camera is getting another 15 minutes of fame today, and this time it’s not for making any kind of art. This time, it’s because it doesn’t work.

There has been a problem with a component in some iPhone 6 Plus cameras that is resulting in blurry photos. In other words, those lucky users wouldn’t have been able to take photos like those in the “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign. Apple is repairing the effected phones, of course, users may wish to think hard before sending their phone in for repair. As always, Apple will ‘fix’ any issues they find on the phones that are sent to them and charge the user for those repairs. So while the camera will be fixed at no cost, I imagine a lot of bent iPhones will get straightened and users charged. I’ll be waiting to hear these stories.

Luckily Apple has stated it is a very small number of users that are being effected. Just as there were only 9 iPhone 6’s that had the bending problem. Right?

All in all, not much of a story. Something broke. It happens. And Apple is fixing it. Unusual but not unheard of. And I skimmed through several stories about this today without even thinking twice. Then I saw the below video posted at Mashable  and had to share it with the UTB readers.

Strange isn’t it? This is a video I shall keep in my arsenal for those times when iPhone users wish to brag about that wart of a camera sticking out of the back of the phone. I’ll simply set the video on play and snicker as I walk away.


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