iPhone 6 Flops As Chinese Smugglers Struggle To Give Them Away


Whenever the subject has come up recently as to just how poor the iPhone 6 is, dedicated iPhonians have resorted to the initial sales figures.

And let’s be fair, they were impressive!

Around 10 million devices sold when no one had actually seen one.

Now they have, well…

As the Daily Mail reports, no one really wants one, particularly in China & Hong Kong. Which is unfortunate, as these were the ones bought by the people in the iPhone queues for shipping overseas:

Is the iPhone 6 a flop? Smugglers forced to slash prices by more than HALF after supply outweighs demand in China

The iPhone 6 has so underwhelmed consumers that even smugglers who illegally shipped them to China are having to slash their prices.
Criminal gangs who queued up for days in the US and Hong Kong to get the Apple devices have been forced to charge less than half because of falling demand.
Users in China now see the iPhone as just another smartphone and not the special product that it once was.

Well, DUR! Smart people the Chinese. I believe the feeling is beginning to be replicated in the West too…

The New York Times reported that smugglers were shipping devices to China because they do not go on sale there for a few weeks and they are already out elsewhere.
In the past that has meant they can sell them for far higher prices than normal because consumers wanted to be the first to get them.

But at one electronics market in Beijing, one retailer was selling the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus for between the equivalent of $1,060 (£650) and $1,436 (£885).
Just after the phones came out they were selling on the Chinese black market for $1,960 (£1,200) and $2,450 (£1,500) each, a decline of 54 per cent and 58 per cent respectively.

Legitimate retailers are currently selling iPhone 6 at a starting price of $649 (£539) and 6 Plus for $499 (£619)
One iPhone seller in Beijing’s northwestern tech hub Zhongguancun said: ‘Stocks of the iPhone 6 are way too high right now’.

The main route to China for smuggled iPhones is from Hong Kong – gangs persuade consumers to buy them using their official ID cards, only one of their agents to collects the device from the Apple store.

When prices were good smugglers could expect to make around $163 (£100) per device but now one iPhone seller said that his losses will be ‘big’.
Another factor which has put of smugglers is a crackdown by police in China who have been raiding boats carrying iPhones before they land at ports.
If the trend continues it could mean the end of smugglers queuing up at Apple stores at the launch of the newest iPhone, making unlikely companions to the tech-savvy 20-somethings who form the bulk of the line.

The reports of declining demand in China contradicts with Apple’s own figures which said that it had 10 million pre-orders worldwide for the iPhone 6.

In reviews it was dubbed the ‘most exquisite smartphone ever’ but since then consumers have reported a number of issues including how the phone bends easily and stays out of shape.

There have also been problems with iOS 8, the latest operating system, with some users complaining that it stopped them being able to make calls. Apple has released a fix for their devices.
The company declined to comment on the smuggling.

Truth is this, as someone put in the comments to this article, the iPhone 6 is nothing special. Unless you want something that is bendy. But then neither was the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, 4S or 4.

But this time there is a feeling in the air that not so many will part with their cash for the same old, same old.

It’s a DUD.

Meanwhile Android is wallowing along in the same rut. Same old stuff that we are all supposed to lap up over and over again.


Only one company is innovating.

Only one company is doing anything different.

Only one company has the BlackBerry Passport.

Have you ordered yours yet?


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  • Blackjack

    Why would they want a phone that bends like a noodle?

  • john_v

    “Have you ordered yours yet?”

    I’d love to but ATT is dragging their feet

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      I feel your pain John, none of the UK carriers have gone with the Passport but retailers Carphone Warehouse have so they have received my pre-order for 2 this morning and over £1000 ahead of the next stock.

  • G-bone

    They couldn’t give one to me.


  • BB Racer !!

    Okay enough already …says the media concerning Bendgate , iOS8 security issues and functionality issues of the iOS 8 OS …but please media stop saying the PASSPORT is ugly , the OS is poor , its to big, the keyboard is retro …because PASSPORT users are just to busy closing deals and being productive …..PASSPORT users are off the porch , in the car and onto to our next DEAL to close $$$ !!

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      The ONLY thing ‘retro’ around is iOS. Wait… Android is pretty old hat too… I hate those stupid symbols.

  • Reverend Grim

    The thing is, the chief made most if the iPhone… they really know what’s in it!