iPhone 6 Bends And Catches Fire Causing Second Degree Burns


Ok, this is no longer just about people spending money on a sub-par product. Now it’s getting real.

The image that you see above are the charred remains of Mr Phillip Lechter’s iPhone 6 (NOT 6 Plus) which bent and caught fire in his front trouser pocket during a rickshaw ride. It was so hot you can hear the sizzling of it when ice was poured on the corpse just afterwards:


As Geek.com commented, this could be the first of many such incidences…

We’ve all seen the reports, both in video and print forms. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are not the sturdiest smartphones out there. Apple says this is not an issue, and that as long as you take care of your phone and don’t do anything crazy to it you won’t have any problems. That sounds almost reasonable, but doesn’t really address anything. We still don’t know what happens when you’ve had this phone for a couple of months, or what the worst case is when you do accidentally apply too much pressure to the handset. Unfortunately, thanks to Phillip Lechter, we have an answer now for the worst case.

The worst case? Well, here it is, the grisly detail in full from Phillip’s own blog:

My family and I went to Tucson, AZ for University of Arizona’s family weekend on the weekend of October 11th. We went down to attend the football game that Saturday. We were walking to a tailgate party, when we noticed 2 rickshaws/pedicabs on the street… The bikes with a trailer that you ride on.

There were 6 of us, so we divided into 2 groups; and my wife, youngest son (7) and I were in the second rickshaw. We didn’t get much more than a block down the road when the driver/biker caught a trolley track in the road and lost balance. He feel over causing the rickshaw to tip over to the left. Fortunately, the rickshaw didn’t tip all the way over, and we were not thrown out. I was half on, half off the rickshaw as I was sitting on the left side of the seat. I immediately checked my wife and son to make sure they were ok. While I was looking at them, I felt a burning sensation on my leg and then saw and smelled smoke from my pants. I surveyed the rickshaw quickly and could not find anything that could have set me on fire. Then it hit me, my phone was in my pocket. Somehow in the process of the tipping of the rickshaw my new APPLE iPhone 6 had bent in my front pocket and caught on fire.

The smoke was thick and I quickly laid down to get the APPLE iPhone 6 out of my pocket. The smell was disturbing. I could feel my leg burning. I pulled the Apple iPhone 6 out of my pocket and threw it to the side. Someone from a crowd of spectators threw a cup of water on my leg to put the fire out on my jeans. I had a leather Apple case on the phone, and the case was facing forward, and that saved my fingers from getting badly burned when i went to remove the phone from my pocket. A bystander was not so lucky; he picked up the phone without the case and burned his fingers.

Once we all calmed down we assessed the damage. My APPLE iPhone 6 burned through my jeans pocket, through my boxers and significantly burned my leg. In the process of removing the phone from my pocket I also burnt my hip. The Doctor’s report described a 11.5 cm x 10.5 cm burn area on my right leg and classified the burn as 2nd degree with first degree burns surrounding the area. According to the Doctor, the burn will require cleanliness, antibiotics and pain management for treatment. In the days since the event… include interruptions to my business, workout, and family life and the ‘freak out’ factor for all involved.

And here’s a lovely picture of Phillip’s leg after the event:


Geek,com concluded their piece with these sage words of advice:

The bottom line seems to be clear. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are fragile, and Apple isn’t going to do anything to fix it. If you want an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you are going to have to take care of it. It’s not like phones exploding and burning are a new or unique phenomenon, but this generation of iPhones is clearly a little on the fragile side. Whether that means a rugged case or a delicate touch is up to you, but at the end of the day that is the cost of owning one of these devices.

So, let’s sum this up.

The iPhone 6, in it’s case, is so fragile that it bent to the point that it caused second degree burns.

And, iPhonians, as consumers, are willing to accept that not only are Apple not going to do anything about it (they claim only 9 iPhone 6 Plus phones have ever bent anyway) but that they are also willing to hand over $1000 for a phone that should come with a health warning in the box.

Never mind how far behind the software is!

The mind begins to boggle as to what’s next in the litany of doom from Cupertino.

This thing isn’t a phone.

It’s not even a status symbol.

It’s a bloody disaster.


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  • DungeonBook

    First spotted this and thought it was amusing…

    I apologise for that. It’s not funny in the slightest. I’m surprised at how small an accident this appears to have been, and the state of Mr. Lechter’s leg afterwards.
    How many of us have tripped over a cat or slipped on ice with a BlackBerry in our pocket?
    Could you imagine if this happened with the Passport and it caught fire? Just imagine the slating BlackBerry would get for releasing “defective products”, and yet Apple seem able to KEEP ON churning out these applaunchers that catch fire in people’s pockets or under pillows.

    And they’re the MOST popular phone out there…?
    The world’s gone crazy.

    • Brad

      How right you are! Of course Apple will say this isn’t typical use, but how many of us want to fear our phone blowing up on us every time we take a stumble?!

  • Reverend Grim

    This is now out if hand, apple need to recall all the iPhones and admit wrong doings, as expensive and embarrassing as it will be… and it will be… the need to do the right thing! It’s time the sheeple stood up for THEMSELVES! It’s disgusting, it’s wrong, it’s morally wrong that Apple do this!

    • ray689

      Grimm that will never happen. Apple and morals are like oil and water.

  • jrohland

    Some may remember I wrote a comment to a post about bending on this very site. I speculated that this very thing will happen on an airliner. It is inevitable. I would like to see them banned before it happens.

    See the 3rd comment from jrohland.

  • Rim99

    Although I agree 110% with everything said in this article, and by the people leaving comments, it will unfortunately not change a thing. There is still a total and complete blindness by millions of Apple followers. I truly do not understand it, and I think at some point the masses will awake and say, “WTF” I paid $700.00 for this thing!!! In the mean time our attempts at trying to show the millions of Apple dizzy consumers the truth is the right thing to do, and at the same time continue to enjoy the truly superior products offered by that little company from Waterloo, Canada. Cheers.

  • Tracmila

    Of course once again this is not Apple’s fault(sic). Same BS rhetoric. This is madness. What will it take to stop this crazy company. Does someone have to die before they are stopped.

  • Alan

    I would expect legal action against Apple, nothing less. Bending AND Catching FIRE in the person’s pants! Awh!


    You are all such negative ninnies!

    Look on the bright side;

    Out of gas or charcoal for the big weekend cook-out” Give it a twist! I-6 and i-6+ can give you a really great hamburger in just seconds.

    Out in a typical Canadian winter and your hands or feet are frozen? Give it a twist!

    Camping in the woods and the kindling is all wet? Dry out your kindling and cook supper. Give it a twist!

    Remember, the apple i-phones will bend over backward to help you when you need it most!

  • mrabody

    What this post needs is a sound track.


    Maybe we could start referring to iPhones as Arthur Browns.