iPad Pro Commercial States the Obvious

The iPad Pro won’t get PC viruses. Neither will my sneakers.

I was broadcast TV today. This is really something I haven’t done in some time. Usually, I’m streaming Netflix, or watching something on my DVR. Because of this, I never really see television commercials. Today I did. I saw one for the iPad Pro.

Captain Obvious. That was a name used within my old group of friends. If someone would say something, well, obvious, they were called Captain Obvious, and we’d all have a good chuckle. I quite literally called my television Captain Obvious today. Sitting in my home watching television by myself, I was forced to speak to my television. Why? Because of this.

Yes, Captain Obvious, the iPad Pro will no get PC Viruses. Because it’s not a PC. Guess what? The iPhone won’t get PC viruses either. Neither will my BlackBerry. Neither will my sneakers.

Would you like to know something else you won’t get on an iPad Pro? Real PC software. For the same reason you won’t get a PC virus. Because the iPad Pro, regardless of how Apple chooses to market it, is not a PC. It’s a tablet based around a mobile OS. Granted, it has beefed up specs compared to other iPads, but it is still a mobile OS. It’s not a Windows based PC. It’s not even a Mac OS based PC. No, it runs iOS.

Is this the new standard in marketing for security? To point out that your product won’t suffer the attacks of another different product? Perhaps this is a way to distract from the actual malware attacks taking place on Mac OS?

I have no idea. But this is one ad that simply could not be ignored. For all the wrong reasons.


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  • AnDrewiD

    Thanks Brad. Thanks for making me waste 15 seconds watching a silly commercial. Now I’ve wasted even more reading and then typing this. :|

    • :(

    • MePiikan LzBolaz

      Commercial was dumb, especially the ghosts part. Another reason for me NOT to use Apple. Steve Jobs would have known to at least called Ghostbusters. lol

  • Roy shpitalnik

    And PC will not suffer iOS viruses…