iPad Blows Up in Latest Apple Store Incident

First responders had to treat three people who had inhaled fumes from fire.

iPhones blowing up are not a new thing. The explosions happening in Apple stores is not a new thing either. This time though, it was not an iPhone that exploded, but an iPad.

The incident occurred today in Amsterdam. An iPad exploded filling the store with fumes. Workers were quick to place the iPad in a bucket of sand however three people still needed medical attention from ambulances that arrived on scene for inhalation of the fumes. The fire department closed the store to allow for the store to air out to allow for it to be safe for people to enter again.

This incident follows other incidents that happened earlier this year when iPhones exploded in two other Apple stores. Those incidents occurred one day apart in Switzerland and in Spain. In both cases, the fires were extinguished with sand.

Does Apple stock every Apple store with sand in case their products explode? After incidents in Switzerland, Spain, and the Netherlands all included extinguishing the explosions with buckets of sand, it would certainly seem so. There can be no denying that Apple has a problem with their phones (and possibly now tablets) exploding. It seems we can’t go more than a month between news stories of the exploding products. Each of these stories are always followed up by a quote from Apple stating they will investigate the occurrence. I would assume we will see a quote very similar to that tomorrow about this iPad. Unfortunately, we have never seen a glimpse of the results of one of these investigations. We don’t even know if these investigations are actually occurring. The promise of the investigation seems to be enough of a promise for the market. I do however wonder, if these investigations, have resulted in the practice of keeping buckets of sand in Apple stores to combat the effects of these explosions. And if so, should iPhone users also carry buckets of sand with them?



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