iOS9 Causing Excessive Mobile Data Usage


It has been almost 2 weeks ios9 was launched and it is once again causing some havoc among several iPhone users.  Some of them are suddenly noticing their cellular data usage sky-rocket, while others are noticing their monthly data allowance quickly been eaten up.  The culprit has turned out to be Wi-Fi Assist.

For those experiencing the problem, whenever they are on Wi-Fi, but move to an area where the coverage is poor, Wi-Fi Assist automatically switches the phone from using Wi-Fi to the owner’s cellular data plan.  Unfortunately for these iPhone users, while they are thinking that they are saving their data by using Wi-Fi, the opposite is happening.


On several websites, including  CBC, Engadget and Gizmodo, the Wi-Fi Assist issue is being referred to as a feature and not a bug, which I found to be hilarious.  But there is a work-around.

For those who have this problem, you have to go into the iPhone settings to disable Wi-Fi Assist.  From the ios settings menu, go to “cellular” and scroll all the way to the bottom to turn it off. Unfortunately the default setting is on, so for many they will not find out before it is too late.

In the Apple Support Forums, several people are reporting this issue.  One user, Classicrider31, reported that within a few days of updating to ios 9 on his iPhone 6, over 6GB of data was consumed.

Facing the same issue and desperately looking for a solution … Lost close in 6gb and almost all in system services general… last couple of days using my iPhone 6 without cellular to avoid high bills as the cellular operator would not own this data cost …. Eagerly waiting for a solution ..

Well folks that’s Apple for you. None of their last 3 operating system launches have gone smoothly. It was only a couple of weeks ago that several hundred apps in their app store became infected with a malicious code referred to as “XcodeGhost” This is in addition to a host of problems with the ios 8 launch last year and ios 7 that were too numerous to mention. What will this mean for Apple? Only time will tell.

For those who are seeking an alternative to the “walled garden”, there is not a better time to come #BackToBlack!

Source: ZDNet


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  • KING_Kia

    They should RUN the Space Station with iOS 9!!!


  • Anthony

    If “WiFi-assist” has an on/off switch it is a feature.

    Putting everything in iCloud because sheep want to sync devices also increases data usage. locco_smiley_8

  • So what am I missing? My Berries all use wifi and if the signal is bad or I move out of range, I revert to mobile network… this is a setting under settings – network connections – mobile network – data services.

    Assuming this is the same feature, why are they having problems with this? Haven’t their devices always worked like this? Am I missing something?

    • web99

      Yes, both you and Anthony are not understanding the issue

      If the data setting is on “Wi-Fi” only and cellular data setting is switched off then cellular data should remain switched off. It should not automatically be switched on if the Wi-Fi coverage is poor unless the user changes the setting to activate it.

      Wi-Fi assist when activated makes that decision unbeknown to the customer and automatically switches cellular data back on. On my BlackBerry if I have my cellular data set to off and my Wi-Fi data on, my mobile network data setting will not suddenly turn on if my Wi-Fi coverage is poor.

  • Ah. That IS stupid and contrived. No wonder people are having issues. Didn’t they just make it more complex that it should be? I mean, if you can set your device to “do not use mobile network for data,” why override that setting with another one?

  • Schmurf

    That’s hilarious! I have WiFi assist then on my BlackBerry because regardless of when I have WiFi reception or not, I have Internet coverage, it slides from one to the other. However, I have NEVER gone through 6GB of data in a few weeks. How in this green earth do you do that? I have 5GB on my plan only because the cost to get the extra is so little, I figured I’d take it. I tried hard one month, I mean REALLY tried HARD, to use up my data. I shut off WiFi entirely, purposely watched lots of YouTube, and so on to eat up data. I barely got there. There’s got to be something messed up with iPhones to burn through that much data in such a short period of time.

    • Anthony

      I could use 6 GB in a few days. Watch a few Netflix movies, download app updates or games (some games are 500+ MB), stream music, etc. locco_smiley_13

  • Canuckvoip

    One of the guys at work just bought a 6s two days ago. This morning he was horrified to see he’d used 800mb of his 2gb plan in that two days already. The kicker is that another BlackBerry user in the office had to tell him how to fix it.

  • Mzceetee

    I don’t understand the concept of wifi assistance, do I people need to be hand feed all elements of the usage of their device,

    • web99


      It’s the whole Apple mindset. They feel that they know best and should make all decisions on behalf of their customers. According to the Apple mindset, their customers are not competent enough to make decisions on their own, hence the imposed restrictions and the “walled garden”

      • Mzceetee

        Similar to the beginning of apple, Steve Jobs told people what they needed and it continues today with people mind set.

  • RobcThbay

    Another iFeature from those iNnovative twits at “that other fruit company”.