iOS8 Really Is The iPhonian Gift That Keeps On Giving…


Imagine if you had a weird moment. Imagine if you believed the hype. Imagine if you did the unthinkable…

And replaced your BlackBerry with an iPhone.

Well, you’d be expecting top notch and fully tested software, wouldn’t you?


Because the disaster that is iOS8 just will not be fixed.

Here’s Forbes’ Gordon Kelly to explain:

Apple’s iOS 8 Crisis Continues With New Update Controversy

The iOS 8 horror show doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon. Just days after Apple released the vital iOS 8.1.1 update, a patch it meticulously tested with developers for over two weeks, a fresh outbreak of complaints and bug reports has occurred.

Signs that problems were brewing came with reader comments on my original Forbes’ iOS 8.1.1 release story.

AJ DO commented that “iOS 8.1.1 does absolutely nothing to fix bugs or improve performance” while Bill Johnson remarked that “So far….it didn’t help the WiFi problem. Still need to put it in the freezer to get 10 minutes out of the wifi.” Continuing the theme, fellow Forbes contributor Jim Gorzelany said “Still can’t get my 4S back on wi-fi–this is nonsense.”

In addition reader rhonin noted that, while iOS 8.1.1 had fixed some issues, it had introduced others: “Safari seems smoother but now I have a bug with the copy/define not wanting to turn off… Wifi seems better but looks like it pushes the 5 band and dumps the 2 band. Mini 2 runs hot on games that it didn’t before.”

These concerns are mirrored elsewhere. The official Apple Support Communities board has a number of new threads with users pointing out issues after installing iOS 8.1.1 and the famous ‘iOS 8 Wi-Fi problems’ thread which has been around since the original launch of iOS 8 is now 82 pages long.

Despite this there is light at the end of the tunnel because for many users iOS 8.1.1 has indeed fixed their previous problems. The rather joyful ‘Ios 8.1.1 makes me love my iPad again’ thread is predominantly filled with happy users and there is arguably an equal number of satisfied owners posting as dissatisfied.

Consequently I would still advise all iPhone and iPad users who have already installed a version of iOS 8 to upgrade to iOS 8.1.1.

That said convincing users still on iOS 7 to upgrade seems Apple’s larger battle. New figures from mobile marketing platform AppLovin show an unprecedented reticence among iOS users to update their devices.

AppLovin processes over 25 billion ad requests per day giving it a vast amount of data to analyse and it found that 45 days after the initial release of iOS 8 only a little over 50% of eligible users have upgraded. For the same period after the release of iOS 7, 80% had upgraded.

Ultimately another version of iOS 8 is still needed and Apple is already on the case. ‘iOS 8.2 (Beta 1)’ is now in the iOS Dev Center for developers to get to grips with and it should get a public launch within the next few weeks.

The big news about iOS 8.2 is that it adds the ‘WatchKit’ API for Apple Watch app developers, but for many users their hopes for the feature list will be a lot more basic.

Yes! After innumerable rushed versions that don’t work iOS8.2 will soon hit the streets with the GUARANTEE that it… er… won’t work either.

And STILL iPhonians are having to take the hairdryer and freezer approach we reported on back in May to fix the wifi bug that came along in iOS7.1.1, for goodness sake. For those of you that aren’t aware, here’s what we helpfully said at the time:

Ok. This all sounded a bit weird but a quick search of the internet later and – voila!

Yes, it’s true. This amazing fix was reported by iPhoneinCanada last November as it would appear this issue of wifi being switched off started with the first itineration of iOS7. And it’s even more widespread now.

And, as they say in their article, it’s pretty much definitely a software issue, when the phone was rolled back to iOS6 the wifi was fine. So Apple broke it for you.

Don’t worry, we BlackBerrians are a helpful bunch so here it is my friends, the fix YOU need to get your wifi connection up and going again:

1) Heat up the phone with a hairdryer
2) When you get a temperature warning put it in a refrigerator
3) After 10 minutes or so take it out
4) The wifi will be reset (temporarily)
5) When the wifi greys out again, repeat steps 1 – 4.

Don’t believe me?

Look, there’s even a video!

Yes, if you’d just ditched BlackBerry for an iPhone I bet you’d be feeling pretty damn good about yourself…

Until you actually switched it on.


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