iOS8 Adoption ‘Stalls At Less Than 50%’


Look! Failing this Fall…

What is it with an OS with the number 8 in it?

Windows 8 was rubbish to the point where retailers who couldn’t offer it at all (believe me, I bought a laptop for my good lady and we HAD to have it – no choice!) to where manufacturers now get round that problem by making their new machines ‘dual boot’ and offer both (although weirdly they always boot up in Windows 7).

Yes, my friends, it was pants enough to be despised by the majority.

And so it is coming to pass with iOS8.

As reported on various sites, iOS8 has had a takeup of only 47% after 3 weeks. This may not seem a big deal when compared to Android’s pitiful 20% after a year but it matters. It matters a lot.


Because it’s broken.

Last year when Apple released iOS7 that too broke people’s phones. But they battled on through various itinerations all the way through to 7.1.2 and, within a few weeks, despite the horror stories, over 75% of iPhonians had upgraded, many not without huge inconvenience.

Now though, it’s different.

At last, it would seem, Apple users are fed up of being fed amazing ‘upgrades’ that simply make the phone you paid for only recently, unusable, And I say unusable, remember, iOS8.0.1 literally stopped the phones ability to make a phone call. Which, sort of defeats the products description.

And, what with the iCloud hack, #Bendgate, #Hairgate and the sheer technical difficulty of upgrading the damn thing – many iPhonians are saying ‘no thanks’. To give you an idea what they are having to go through here, TechCrunch have summed it up nicely:

Just prior to releasing iOS 8 Apple had also pulled its flagship HealthKit feature, which had been due to be there from launch, burning developers who had added HealthKit integration in the process because Apple also yanked their apps from the App Store at the last minute.

An early update to iOS 8 — 8.0.1 — was rushed out, touted as a fix for HealthKit, as well as various other bugs including a glitchy implementation of third party keyboards.

However this update ran into trouble, with some users complaining that 8.0.1 knocked out their cell service. Apple was forced to pull the update and provide instructions for users who had updated on how to roll back to iOS 8 so they could restore their phone signal.

Another quick fix followed — 8.0.2 — to patch the issues 8.0.1 was supposed to have addressed but do so without zapping cellular reception on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices.

Given the various bugs and buggy patches it’s perhaps not surprising that additional users have not exactly been rushing to update to iOS 8. Waiting til the kinks are ironed out may look like a more sensible option to many.

iOS 8 also requires a large amount of free space on a device if the user wants to update wirelessly. (Plugging into a Mac or PC to do the update removes this requirement but is obviously less convenient. It also requires the user to own a computer — not a given in these mobile centric, ‘post-PC’ times.)

What we are seeing here is MUCH deeper than just a botched upgrade, however. Whilst some blogs try to make excuses, Mashable ended up hitting the nail on the head,

It’s tough to identify the cause behind the decreased interest in iOS 8, but there are a few obvious potential reasons. You can find workarounds to the massive amount of space needed for the iOS 8 download, but many were turned off by the 5GB required for installation.

There was also the problematic (to put it charitably) rollout of iOS 8.0.1, which caused service and Touch ID issues for many Apple users. So much so, in fact, that Apple pulled the download and publicly apologized. It later released iOS 8.0.2 to fix the errors.

That’s not to mention the complaints of depleted battery life and other kinks in the new operating system.

But really, you just need to search “iOS 8” on Twitter to see how unpopular it truly is.

Or, to put it another way, these iPhonians have been thrilled by Apple’s history in this department as they posted on Hacker News:

I upgraded to iOS 8 on my 4S, and regret it immensely. Sluggish doesn’t even begin to describe it. Animations have gone from ~30 fps to maybe 2 or 3 fps. It’s almost as if the update disabled the GPU or something, I can’t even begin to understand it. A popular game like Subway Surfers is now completely unplayable — it’ll run smoothly for a couple seconds, then freeze for half a second, and bam, you run into a train. It’s bizarre.

Agreed. I understand there is some need for the world to move on at some point, I don’t expect my 5 year old computer to run the latest games (although it mostly does). But from apple we now see an annual update, with quite a few apps immediately relinquishing support for a previous version. The problem? You can’t install old versions supported for your OS from the app store, even though they work perfectly fine on any device that installed them before the update came around.

That’s just painful. I didn’t even update to iOS 7 on my phone, my girlfriend did and no joke, she literally sold it 40 days later as she couldn’t take how slow it was and got a Nexus 5. So I’m still on iOS 6 (and iOS 7 for my iPad). My phone works great, it’s quick, and runs the apps for iOS 6 perfectly. But I’ve also been locked out of getting lots of apps, so I’ll be dumping this phone soon

But then it all becomes clear…

I had a similar issue, the sarcastic/cynic side of me says that this was Apple’s way of making us want to upgrade to a new 6. Fortunately my provider offered 200 bucks for my 4s and sold the 6 for 200, so I did.

Good luck with iOS9…

It’s a mess. Apple are in utter disarray and the whole thing is unraveling quicker than Tim Cook can take your money for granted. Which is very quick indeed.

Meanwhile BlackBerry (remember them?) are struggling to keep up with demand for what is fast becoming the MUST HAVE smartphone of the year. Which is, by the way, REALLY upsetting John Legere.

Which is a good thing.

The choice is simple. Apple have let you down and Android is going ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE.

It’s time you got the phone you deserve.

It’s time you broke free.

It’s time for a BlackBerry.


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