iOS7 Users Get Priority Hub! Oh, Wait…

This is NOT Priority Hub!
This is NOT Priority Hub!

Here at UTB we like to help our iPhonian friends. We realise many of them are locked into LOOONNNGGG contracts so they can’t break out and join the awesome revolution that is BlackBerry 10 and that many are still blinded by the odd shaped fruit and still believe it to be in some way ‘innovative’ or ‘important.’

So, when something like this comes along, we like to let them know what they are getting.

We also like to leave you with a little something so when the iPhonian turns to you and says ‘Hub, I got that!’ you can just open the UTB App (Download it HERE) and show them they haven’t.

Now, remember, these guys are desperate ok? Just bear that in mind…

Over at Redmond Pie there’s a lovely big headline: How To Get BB10 Priority Hub On iOS7 Lock Screen

And a nice write up on how although BB10 hasn’t taken off as BlackBerry would have liked it’s still got some great features. Someone has apparently done something called ‘jailbreaking’ (dunno why you would need to do that, sounds a bit dangerous to me) and added the BlackBerry Piority Hub to iOS7!

They’ve even made a video!

Only here’s the problem guys, as any BlackBerrian who can stop laughing for a second will tell you.

This isn’t Priority Hub.

It’s a copy of BB10’s Lock Screen Notifications.

From 2 OS Updates ago.

And on the BB10 version NOW you actually double tap the notification on the lock screen and it opens the message directly.

No waiting for the app to open, no clunking around.

Straight there.

Which is really, REALLY, good.

Look, I know you guys are desperate for any innovations you can get your hands on right now since Apple seem to have all but dried up in that department so we don’t mind you trying to copy ours…

Just thought we’d let you know where you are.

You’re welcome.

Of course, you could avoid all this convoluted messing around ‘jailbreaking’ and the like and just go buy yourselves a BlackBerry?

It’ll be an awful lot quicker, a lot more advanced and…

… You wouldn’t need to charge it as much!

Oh, and Priority Hub?

That’s something else entirely – I’ll leave you to find out for yourself (ssshhh – it’s very good!)


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  • Brandon

    test comment for dev purposes, *disregard*

  • Gosh! This is fantastic. Now I can go get BB10 on an I-phone and I can be an I-person! I need a fart app!!!

    Seriously though- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This is great news for us (BB). I realize it’s not the HUB, but they clearly have us on their radar so we must be offering some value.

    For the same reason that I’m happy other websites are taking little shots at UTB, I’m happy about this. No doubt, if Chen sees the need, he will squash this, assuming there may be legal/patent ramifications.