iOS Vulnerabilities Nearly Double Android

Let your iPhone using friends know.

ESET has delivered it’s We Live Security Semi-annual mobile security findings, and the results may surprise you. They’ll certainly surprise those that claim Apple is king of security.

ESET looked at the amount of security bugs found in the operating systems within the first 6 months of the year. This year, Android has gotten significantly better, and iOS has gotten significantly worse.

Android has seen 86 vulnerabilities. As far as malware detections, Android has seen a decrease of 8% versus the first have of 2018,.These show a drastic improvement for Android so far this year.

Apple’s iOS is not seeing the same sort of improvement. At all. iOS has seen 155 reported vulnerabilities, almost double of Android’s numbers. As for malware detections? While iPhone users tend to think that iPhones are safe from malware, there has been a 43% increase in detections over the same period last year.

The next time you hear iPhone users bragging about Apple’s security, just send them over to ESET for a bit of a reality check.


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