iOS Mail Or BlackBerry Hub – Which Is Better?


Well, here’s a difficult one for you to answer.

The other day a sceptical iPhonian did what they do when presented with disturbing efficiency in the form of my BlackBerry Passport.

They described the Hub as ‘confusing’

This, to be fair, is understandable. It’s quite a lot for them to take in. They’re used to playing the app ‘hokey cokey’ and jabbing away at the Home button like it’s 2012, jumping from Mail to BBM to Whatsapp to Twitter to Facebook to…. you get the idea.

Anyway, just to get YOUR opinion, here’s two quick videos. The first a review from AppChasers of the iOS ‘Mailbox’ app where they make some excellent points about how utterly useless iOS Mail is… and then show us BlackBerrians just how utterly useless the ‘improved’ app that Dropbox made to try and make the crap acceptable.

And then here’s the official BlackBerry Hub promo on the BlackBerry Passport.

Which is best?

I’ll leave it to you to decide.

It won’t take you long.


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