iOS 9 Jailbreak Proves Apple’s Laughable Security

Secure by design eh?
Secure by design eh?

Here we go again, Apple’s newest version of iOS, has been jailbroken. The Chinese iOS hacker group Pangu has brought iOS users the jailbreak they’ve been waiting for. For those that don’t know what jailbreaking is, Popular Science gives a nice little definition

“For the uninitiated: jailbreaking allows iOS users to install apps and tweaks to your iPhone that Apple normally wouldn’t allow due to their limitations. Apps like f.lux (which makes the screen easier on your eyes at night) or NoSlowAnimations (which speeds up animations that normally slow down the flow of using one’s phone) suddenly became an option. And then there are apps like Activator, which provide so much Apple-unapproved functionality it could fill an entire post.”

In other words, for an iPhone user, jailbreaking does something that is desperately needed with an iPhone. It makes it useful. By breaking the shackles that Apple places on the iPhone, it allows users a level of functionality you just can’t achieve out of the box with an iPhone. Unfortunately, that’s not all it does.

I think Apple needs to take another look at those checkpoints.
I think Apple needs to take another look at those checkpoints.

Jailbreaking is very nice term for what it’s actually doing. It makes sense that iPhone users would call it jailbreaking, as by doing this process users are very much breaking the shackles that Apple imposes on them. It frees them from many of the limitations of the iPhone, and allows them a level of functionality that you simply can’t get out of the box on an iPhone. But let’s not romanticize it. There’s no way around it. It’s rooting the iPhone. The core security of the OS is ripped cracked, hacked, and thrown open for anyone that likes.

Why should we care though? The users are doing this to their own phones? Is it really a hack if someone is choosing to do this to their own phone? Of course it is! And what many don’t seem to understand or care is that the vast majority, not all by any means, but the majority of iPhone hacks occur on jailbroken devices, so a user hacking their own device leaves their phone wide open for other hacks and malware.

There’s no way this was written with a straight face!

I suppose we should give Apple credit. This jailbreak took weeks to surface. It was overnight for iOS 8. Now, we must ask, how much faith can we place in Apple security, when after 8 years and 9 major releases, they still can’t secure their own OS?


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  • nnik

    Kinda in pressie how quickly each new ios is hacked…. no worries ….it will always happen….it’s the core os that leaks

  • Blackjack

    Well yeah, just the fact that you can root it means it’s not secure. Case closed.

    • Reverend Grim

      That’s exactly what I was going to say!
      Android – rooted
      Apple – rooted
      BlackBerry – ro… oh, would you look at that! Secure!
      When will the sheeple have the wool pulled from their eyes?

  • fishlove73

    Nice write up! When I was with ATT, I tested out an Icrap 6 for 14 days (att’s trial limit period). At that time it was running 8.4. I’m just a layman with limited exp. I went to Pangu, translated the page (it was in chinese) and had it jailbroken in 10 min. I reverted it back and returned it and said no thanks. For me it has always been about phone control and privacy settings.

    The years in between my 8330 and BB10 I primarily used Sammy’s. Same reasons for rooting those too….privacy and control. On the Galaxy’s, I went to XDA, downloaded Odin and rooted away…I did this more for adjusting permissions and removal of Sammy’s extensive bloatware…just to get the device running smooth with some limited privacy. BB10 came along, I started with a z10…and I was like wow, I don’t have to do anything to this….except maybe install a leak if I choose or use snap.

    Everything on BB10 was just there….no bloat and super smooth out of the box. The z10 and 2 Passports later…I couldn’t be more happy with Blackberry…they just run nice. I have had phone happiness since early 2014. And on top of it all, BlackBerry customer service is really good…at least that’s my experience with them. And in the forums…people are very helpful as well. I really don’t have to worry about hacks with BB10…its just nice and always works.


    Fishlove 73. I read your comments about BlackBerry customer service and appreciate your opinion about them. I wish I could say that I have had similarly pleasing contact with the BlackBerry customer service department.

    But I cannot say that.


    Gottcha /;-)

  • fishlove73

    LOL Truenorth!! I had a rookie mistake at first. I forgot my BBID password…they had to remote desktop me for a new one. :-)