iOS 8.2 Update Introduces a Permanent Undeletable Apple Watch App with Advertisements on Your iPhone

courtesy of Business Insider
courtesy of Business Insider

Apple has a history of installing things that their users never wanted on their iPhones.  With ios 8 came the U2 album that was automatically installed on their devices.  It did create controversy and customer complaints, which eventually forced Apple to back down and gave their users the option to delete it.

With the recent ios 8.2 update, Apple has included a permanent undeletable app that will show promotional videos for Apple Watch, whether or not their customers intend to buy it.

Source: Business Insider

The most notable feature of iOS 8.2 is the Apple Watch application, which offers a few promotional videos for Apple’s first-generation smartwatch, as well as a link to the company’s website to “learn more.” Soon, that application will showcase all of the Apple Watch applications you can download, but for now, it’s just an empty screen.

If you don’t want the Watch app to be stuck on your phone forever, just don’t update to iOS 8.2


Well that is a comforting message.  Upgrade to ios 8.2 and being bombarded by advertisements for an Apple Watch product that many don’t want or care for from an app that cannot be deleted.  It will transform their home screen into an Apple Watch advertisement as shown above.


This will undoubtedly lead to many frustrated customers, but you can bet that Apple does not care as it is just the latest installment of  what has been a botched ios 8 launch.  Great job Apple!  iNnovation strikes again!

For those ios users who have had enough with Apple deciding whats best for you instead of listening to what you want, you don’t have to accept it.  Now is the time to leave that “walled garden” and come #BackToBlack

Do yourself a favor and put that phone in the bin or sell it on eBay and replace it with a BlackBerry 10 device.

You will be glad that you did!



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