iOS 8.3, iPhone 6S: Apple Releases New Products, to Fix Old Products?


Today the latest Apple rumour is that there may be a new iPhone. What is new about it?
Well it won’t bend as easily as the one you have. What amazing technology! Rumor has it that Apple will be designing the iPhone 6S the way that the iPhone 6 SHOULD have been designed!

We learn here that rumor has it, that the next iPhone will be smaller, just after you learned that bigger is better, but Steve Jobs preferred a 4 inch screen. So back you go sHeeple. Small is the new big, which was the new small, which …

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Rumors: Here’s How The Next iPhone Might Be Better
Apple is expected to use the same materials in the next iPhone as those used in the Apple Watch, to make the smartphone strong enough to avoid “bendgate” issue

Yes iFans, be assured that the new version of the best phone ever made, the iPhone 6S Plus will be designed with 7000 series aluminum, the same type used in the Sport edition of the Apple Watch as well as in competition bicycles.

The article ends thusly:

Considering Apple’s track-record of new feature integrations as well as past prediction accuracy of the Economic Daily Times, we expect Apple to solve the “bendgate” issue by using tougher materials similar to those used in the Apple Watch.

So fixing a design problem is now a “feature integration”. Only Apple can do that.

Bugs on top of Bugs

What’s more, we’ve just learned of user frustrations with the iOS 8.3 release which was supposed to fix major bugs in iOS 8.2. Instead it brought a crop of it’s own new bugs:

New Wave Of Bugs Surface In Apple Inc iOS 8.3, Users Furious
Apple Inc released iOS 8.3 last week, and with it came a fresh wave of bugs on users’ iPhones; with no apparent fix, it has made users angry

Ironically enough, one of the most prominent bugs that made a second appearance is WiFried. The company was constantly reminded of the issue on the Apple Support Community thread. The thread in discussion has been one of the biggest ones to date, with 85,000 views and 3,000 replies…

The second bug that infested iOS 8.3 is the curious case of missing photos. When iOS 8 was released, users reported that the camera roll chronology was out of order; due to this, they assumed that their photos were disappearing…

The third major bug is a new one, where the iCloud is confused about the current storage, and about how much of it is available. The issue was first reported by the iMore forums; a post there pointed out: “[…] my iPad mini all of a sudden shows an iCloud storage of 1.0GB with 300GB used! My iPhone shows 5.0GB with 180GB used. Both using the same account so why is my iPad now saying 1.0GB is my storage option when it should be 5.0 GB? […] it’s the total storage that is wrong!”

Users have also tried deleting their backups, and restoring them has not fixed this issue either. Due to this, the phone software is issuing warnings regarding low storage space.

So you can see that the leading smartphone maker has become beleaguered. Fixing old bugs and design problems has become the new iNnovation .


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