iOS 10 Leaves iPhone Users With Even More Issues

The iOS 10 update has been fraught with issues, but just when we thought we’d reached the end of the horror, more issues arise.

There’s no way around it, iOS 10 has been a bad update. Initially we saw the iOS 10 Beta lock users out of their Apple ID. But that was a beta, we expect the worst right? Surely by the time the actual update occurred, the bugs would be worked out. After all, Apple is the company which carriers allow to push updates directly to users without going through carrier testing.

Guess what? The worst wasn’t over. It hadn’t even began.

Right as iOS 10 went live, many users discovered the update was bricking their iPhones.  Now, to give Apple credit, this was quickly resolved. Of course, those users that discovered their only option was to restore to a previous backup may not have been thrilled, but the problem was discovered and fixed. Some would say that problem shouldn’t have happened in the first place. They’d be right.

This was of course followed by a slight issue experienced by T-Mobile users that left them unable to connect to their mobile network.  This is of course only a slight issue if you plan on using your smartphone to do things such as make phone calls, surf the web, use apps, send messages and the like. But who does that anyway?

And we really shouldn’t mention one little bug upgrading users discovered. After all, some might consider this a feature rather than a bug. I say the fact that Apple has gone to the trouble to block many keywords proves it’s existence as a bug rather that a feature. What was this bug/feature? The sudden appearance of hard core porn in iMessage GIFs.

There are a few more issues which people are having on their iPhone 7s. For instance, iPhone 7 users truly are receiving a whole new sound experience on the iPhone 7, just as Apple said! Of course, I don’t think having your new iPhone sizzle or having your music degraded or having their ear buds crash was really what iPhone 7 users had in mind. Ear buds crashing… who would have ever considered that.

This may seem like a rather long list of issues for an OS update. It really is. And it’s really not over. The Daily Mail is reporting that many users are taking to Apple’s forums and to social media to complain about a whole new set of issues. Top of the list is battery drain. A political reporter for MSNBC even tweeted out that his battery life is down 50% since his upgrade. The iPhone didn’t have much of a battery life to begin with. An updated cutting that power in half is probably quite painful to users.

Something that may be contributing to that battery drain is another issue which upgraded users are complaining about. That is that their iPhones are overheating since the update. Now, I know iPhones are thin, but I’m sure it takes some of that battery power to get the iPhone properly heated right? Of course it does.

Apple has been pushing out updates to resolve these issues, however they have yet to respond to the latest batch of complaints. Is it too late to ask for a do-over? Perhaps Apple could ask their customers? I’m sure that many iPhone users would really like to forget the iOS 10 update occurred.



source: The Daily Mail


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