iOS 10 Beta Locking Out Users


Over the last few years, Apple has had a really bad time with their iOS updates. I seems that they just can’t have an easy rollout. Oddly enough, this is the company which cellular carriers allow to push their updates directly to users without carrier testing. Apple has recently released an iOS 10 Beta 2 to users brave enough to risk it.

It’s a good thing that Apple is doing beta testing. Perhaps they’ll be able to fix bugs before the official rollout. Hopefully they’ll fix the issue that is affecting beta testers now.

A number of iOS 10 Beta 2 update testers, (couldn’t they name it something easier?) have found themselves locked out of not only their phone, but their Apple account as well. It seems that the majority of those affected have enabled two-factor authentication. Once enabled they are finding themselves locked out of their Apple account, and are then unable to reset their passwords, on all their devices, instead meeting a “your request could not be completed at this time” message.

Well, surely Apple will help with these loyal beta testers right? Unfortunately, they can’t. Once two factor authentication is enabled on the devices, Apple Support cannot reset the password for users. Users can request account recovery if they’re able to provide sufficient account information to verify their identity. If the user is able to prove their identity to Apple’s liking, Apple will recover their account, in a process that takes a few days. Surely those iOS users won’t need their iPhone’s, iPad’s, Mac’s and Apple Watches in that time right?

Those users that are feeling jealous of the users on the beta iOS 10 needn’t worry. They may end up lucky themselves, as the issue is also showing up in iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3.

Those lucky iPhone users!




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