iOS 10.3.2 Leaves iPhone Users Feeling Drained

A new iOS update arrives. Users find themselves upset. What’s new?

Apple has released a new update for their mobile operating system. iOS 10.3.2 arrived last week, and many users were hoping for a great release. It seems the update was minor, being primarily bug fixes and security updates, but the bug fixes were something which users had been hoping for. Unfortunately, fixing those bugs have created another issue. Haven’t we really just come to expect this from iOS updates now?

First, there was an issue with delivery of the update. It seemed that older phones were left out. iPhone 5 and 5s users found that their phones seemed to be left off the update cycle. Forbes writes that Apple has started releasing beta builds for the older iPhones, so it may just be a mistake. Hey, mistakes happen right?

There is a larger issue with the update though. Users are finding that the update is quickly draining the already minimal capacity of the iPhone’s battery. One user complained that their battery dropped from 80% to 50% “in just two seconds” and kept dropping quickly. A Twitter poll found that the majority of respondents were suffering the same issue.

It is now being suggested that iPhone users who have not yet updated wait to update their iPhones until Apple chooses to release an update to fix the bugs of their last update… which was to fix bugs.

As someone who witnesses lines of iPhones sitting plugged into outlets every day, I’m left wondering just how important battery life is to iPhone users. After all, if it was so important, why would they still be using iPhones? Perhaps some would like a phone that wouldn’t just last them the length of time it takes to travel from a car charger to a home charger? Perhaps some would rather have a phone that could last an entire work day without having to be plugged in? Perhaps a phone that could even last past that workday? Maybe even a phone which could last them from the time they wake up in the morning, until the time they go to sleep at night and still have power left to spare? I wonder what they would think if they knew that this was possible? I wonder what they would think if we showed them the BlackBerry Mobile KEYone?

iOS 10.3.2



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