Introducing – The Apple iWatch


Remember Mattias?

He made a superb video last September hitting the nail perfectly on the head on how the NEW iPhone 5S was just a fantastic way of regurgitating something that didn’t work very well into a great new product – that didn’t work very well.

And now he has turned his attention to the iWatch.

You see, since the very beginning of time man has continually asked one question – what time is it?

And Apple noticed that people kept looking at their phone – so it made sense to strap the time to your body!

And remember, the battery lasts one hour.

On standby.

Introducing the iWatch

Oh, and just because I loved it so much, as a double treat to celebrate Apple iSynergenation, here’s last years one too!

Introducing The iPhone 5S – The ‘S’ Stands For Same

You’re welcome.


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  • veeru789

    Holy cow that was hilarious :))

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      It had me laughing out loud I have to say…

  • nnik

    One hour? On standby? What good is it?

  • That is hysterical! Awesome!

    • You know what? This is the hardware epitome of the “fart app,” novel, and useless.

  • Bastakiatavich

    “S’ stands for same”….died of laughter!!!!