Introducing Spectacle by Snapchat! Wait… What?

Wearables are big business now. Snapchat is jumping in to the fray with spyglasses.

The formerly named Snapchat, recently renamed Snap Inc., is introducing it’s own brand of wearable. Spectacles. With cameras on them. Extremely limited sunglasses with cameras on them.

These glasses with the brand name of Spectacles, contain a camera which will connect to your smartphone. If you’re beginning to think these may prove useful, there are a few things you need to know.

They will only work with Snapchat. They will sync with your phone to move your video clips in to the Memories section of Snapchat.

They don’t record much. After pressing a button on the earpiece, the Spectacles will record a 10-second Snap.

Fisheye lens. There is a time and a place for videos taken with a fisheye lens. With Spectacles, that time and place is every time.

They are not discreet. There is no mistaking the Spectacles for what they are. If the odd choice of a round frames and lenses don’t tip you off, the yellow circles in the corner will. Oh, and one of those circles will light up when you’re recording, ensuring that everyone will know just what you’re doing.

They’re no fashion statement. I mean, just look at them. Look!

Spectacle by Snap

Introduced soon with three colors, (Black, Coral, and Teal) with a one-size-fits-all (never true) frame, the Spectacles shall retail for $130 and should be available by Christmas.

I can’t wait to see someone on the street wearing the spectacles along with their Air Pods.

More Info: Spectacle by Snap


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