Introducing Soundscape by ReFocus Technologies


ReFocus Technologies has been knocking out some great apps! Such favorites as the augmented reality app ARKick, the always helpful Tilt, and my favorite, Sketchbook, has just released their newest app SoundScape.

SoundScape turns your phone in to a white noise machine.


SoundScape is an app that helps you improve your focus and boost your productivity. It is a background noise generator that helps you create the perfect environment for relaxing or working.

Using SoundScape, you can drown out unwanted noises and soothe your mind.

I’m not much of an app user. But one of the great things about a BlackBerry is that it can, and does, replace other devices and products. And the apps I tend to really enjoy, are apps that expand on this ability.  White noise machines have become quite popular in recent years. ReFocus has taken what could have been a simple noisemaker and added options that will surely have you throwing your white noise machines in the bin with your old iPods.

Right from the main screen you will see that ReFocus has put thought in to the app. For a product that is meant to help relax you, the simple menu and calming colors used are genius.

When opening the app you have three options.

Sounds: In this screen you have 18 different sounds to choose from. Such staples as Waterfall and Waves are joined by Coffee and Office. Strangely enough, I prefer Office to Forest.  These sounds can also be played stacked up on each other. Tonight, I shall be sleeping to the sound of Thunder.


Mix: Here, you can play preloaded mixes, such as Music, Nature, Work etc. You can also add your own mixes, by clicking which sounds you’d like to combine in the sounds tab, then just naming it on ‘Add Mix’


Timer: Here, you can set how long you wish your noises to play. *hint* use your keyboard.


Refocus has done it again, a great native app that works smooth, looks great, and of course, sounds great.

Now, if I can ask for a favor, on the next update, let’s get some zombie apocalypse sounds. Hey! Some of us would enjoy that!

Click here to pick up SoundScape in BlackBerry World for $1.99.

Be sure to check out all of Refocus’ apps in BBW.


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