Introducing SelfieFeet 2.0, the Accessory That Gets a Leg Up

Every now and then a gadget appears that just leaves you wondering why.

I love gadgets, entirely too much. I also love my BlackBerry, entirely too much. When I stumble across a gadget that works with my phone, I’m generally entirely too excited, and spend entirely too much money. Sometimes though, I’m left just wondering why. Enter SelfieFeet 2.0.

What an odd name you might think? SelfieFeet? Well, it’s an odd name for an odd product which can now be found on Kickstarter. The product’s creator says that the selfie stick era is over. Selfie sticks are just too inconvenient. And not cool. “What do I look like with a selfie stick wafting around like some giant Harry Potter wand?” So how does he intend to replace the selfie stick? By placing a phone mount on a strap. And wrapping that strap around a foot. And using your leg as the selfie stick. Because isn’t it so much cooler to take photos of yourself with your foot in the air?

“It’s young, fun and cool. And also many places have now banned selfie sticks like restaurants, bars and museums.” I can’t imagine most restaurants, bars and museums would want patrons walking around with a camera on their boot, but I suppose I could be wrong.

The gadget comes with the shoe strap and a Blue Tooth trigger to snap the photos, and a magnetic vent car mount for around $15. Could you see yourself ever using SelfieFeet?


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