Introducing huBBle, A New Native BB10 App for Pebble

Are you a BB10 user? Are you also a Pebble user? Rejoice! I just received word that there is a new native BB10 app that’s bringing new functionality between the two products. BB10 is arguably the best core mobile operating system, that never really got the chance it deserved. Pebble, arguably the best smartwatch to hit the market, who’s future was cut short thanks to a buyout by Fitbit. Both these products still work great, and still have a fan following, and luckily for users, there are still developers bringing new life to these fan favorites.
This new app looks great! If you’re a BB10/Pebble user, run and grab this app, and let us know what you think! Full release follows below.
Today, CellNinja and developers are announcing their latest collaboration for BlackBerry 10 users rocking a Pebble smartwatch.
Bridge is the most popular Pebble app on BlackBerry World given its large feature set and longevity, it is relying on the Android Pebble app to communicate with your Pebble smartwatch.
huBBle is a new native app that connects to Pebble directly and give you updates on what’s happening in your Hub while providing the best battery efficient experience with little impact on both your Pebble battery and your BlackBerry 10 device battery.
With this new collaboration, Bridge users can now use huBBle to communicate with Pebble and get emails, SMS, call alerts, calendar events and much more right on their wrist, without having to run any Android app. This means more choices for the user, which is always good!
You want the best battery life and only need to know the number of unread messages for your Hub accounts?
Use huBBle alone.
You want the best battery life but still want to get full emails, SMS, call alerts, calendar events, etc?
Use huBBle with Bridge.
You want to fully use your Pebble, including support for smart watchfaces or watchapps, Timeline, Bridge WA support, Hub2Watch support, etc?
Use Bridge with Pebble Android app.
To use Bridge with huBBle, you’ll need to configure both apps. For Bridge, click on the huBBle banner on main screen and enable huBBle support. For huBBle, make sure to enable ‘Act as a proxy only’ option.
This collaboration is a great step forward for BlackBerry 10 Pebblers, having new options from developers that are still active and supporting their apps is priceless.
Bridge is a freemium app that you can try for 3 days, then you’ll need to unlock it with In-App Purchase (3.99$US) or through CellNinja Bundle (5.99$US).
huBBle is a paid app (0.99$US).
We’re really excited to announce this new collaboration, and to make it even more exciting, CellNinja is making a special lifetime offer to all huBBle users : buying huBBle will unlock Bridge for free! This is the cheapest way to unlock Bridge actually, and Bridge unlocked users can download doo (CellNinja, 1.99$US) for free, so the deal is even hotter! Go ahead and try both apps, you won’t regret it!


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