Introducing Great Apps on BlackBerry


Today on BlackBerry’s Developer Blog, BlackBerry has announced a new program to promote natively built BlackBerry 10 apps within BlackBerry World.

The new section arriving February 25th will be titled “Great Apps on BlackBerry”. This will be a list of 20 apps, that shall be featured for two weeks, once per month.

The rules to be featured will be as followed:

  • Be built using BlackBerry 10 Native/Cascades or WebWorks™ HTML5
  • Have a minimum 3.0 star rating
  • Perform all tasks as outlined in the description
  • Not be made using a tool/template or simply launch a web page

To nominate apps to be included in this program, email BlackBerry Word Marketing using subject “Great Apps on BlackBerry” providing Vendor Name, Application Name, Applicaton ID or BlackBerry World Link. As noted on the Developer Blog, apps should have up-to-date icons and descriptions.

This leads me to wonder a little more about the end of the Built for BlackBerry program. As a user, I have always wanted and preferred a more curated experience on BlackBerry World. I will spend more time looking at categories such as Staff Picks than I would looking for Built for BlackBerry Apps. Great Apps for BlackBerry is something I see as a welcome addition to BlackBerry Workd. At the same time, I also wonder how many Built for BlackBerry apps were still being maintained by their developers? Do you see new promotions such as “Great Apps on BlackBerry” and categories such as Staff Picks being more or less helpful than “Built for BlackBerry” in your app hunting?


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  • Great stuff! To be honest if they keep this up its a much better way that the BFB programme which was a good idea originally but may have run its course as there was no promotion behind it really. This way those that are active get promoted and rewarded.

    Big thumbs up!

  • fishlove73

    I think it is a good thing and welcome addition.

  • newcollector

    I agree with the others that this is a nice addition to BlackBerry World. Promotion of BB10 apps is a great way to encourage continued development and increase sales for the developer.

  • Anthony

    Excellent. locco_smiley_10

    This should be incentive for developers to make great apps. Their apps are featured and great BB10 apps sell well.

  • DickLewis13

    Hopefully this is a great motivation for BlackBerry devs. Good move.

  • Shane_S

    Good. I was not looking forward to reading through the descriptions, of every app, just to hope to see a mention of how it was made. I had been relying on the BFB designation and this will meet my needs.

    I prefer to support active developers over those that port an app.

  • This seems to me as though it could be just as useful to users – in fact, given that anyone can nominate apps they like, it could end up being a “BlackBerry Users Choice” – apps suggested by people who choose BlackBerry!

    As an aside: I submitted the UTB Blogs app for inclusion in the list, but if anyone else wants to take the time, I don’t see why nominations from multiple sources wouldn’t be accepted (hint, hint!) :)

  • bartron

    This seems to be better than the Build-For-BlackBerry10 program it replaces, since it appears to have less development requirements and more popularity requirements.

    I wonder what happens to the apps that were in the Great Apps On BlackBerry (GAOBB) list after the 2-week period is over. Will there be a way of knowing that an app was previously on the GAOBB list ? With the B4BB program, there was a badge that stayed on the app’s page in BBW.

  • dphjeff


  • CabbagePatch_D

    This is great.
    But for crying out loud! Why couldn’t they announce this when they announced the death of the “Built for BlackBerry” program?

    Could have been as simple as saying “money is tight and we don’t have the resources to vet every app that’s submitted for the BFBB program. Instead BFBB will be replaced with GAOBB we will enlist the help of our loyal users to vet and promote apps they feel other loyal users would like”.

    Would have have save a whole lot of that ill feeling we often get when we here of another cut to something we’ve come to appreciate.

  • Schmurf

    I always liked the B4BB program and would select apps that had that designation pretty much exclusively. I’ll just adjust to this new program.