Introducing BlackBerry KEY2 – An Icon Reborn

BlackBerry Mobile posts a new video showing off the features of the newest BlackBerry Phone

Following the launch event of the new BlackBerry KEY2, BlackBerry Mobile released a new video on YouTube. For all those that missed the launch, or don’t have time to watch the replay right away, this is a must watch video.

All the features of the new phone, and nearly all questions answered, in just over a minute. What more can we ask for? Well, what I would as for is an upload of the KEY2 commercial that was attached at the end of the launch event.

That commercial, if you haven’t seen it yet, you must. It is exactly what we need in a BlackBerry commercial. It hits all the right notes. Actually showing off the features of the phone, along with the quintessential BlackBerry experience. Someone asking “is that a BlackBerry?” and the often heard, “I used to love my BlackBerry!”

II have included the launch event video below, cued up to the commercial. This looks to be the best commercial we’ve ever seen for a BlackBerry device, and I hope it receives some major market airtime. What do you think of the new marketing for this amazing new device?



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