BlackBerry has recently announced a brand new corporate unit devoted in its entity to Cyber Security Research & Development. Dubbed the “BlackBerry Advanced Technology Development Labs” it will be situated at BlackBerry’s NOC facility in Waterloo, Ontario. This laboratory will be the nerve centre that will operate at the forefront of Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence. With today’s ever evolving Cyber Security industry BATD laboratories will operate as its own independent business component uniquely focused on innovating and developing the technologies of the future. The laboratory will comprise of Specialists, Researchers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning experts, Software developers and Architects! The 120 science professionals will be steered by BlackBerry’s Chief Technology Officer, Charles Eagan.

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Machine learning is one of the major emphases for this new unit. BlackBerry has the capacity to resonate ways to leverage Artificial Intelligence in improving & sustaining security all around endpoints like mobile devices and Autonomous vehicles in the immensity of the Internet of Things. In this contemporary technological landscape Governments & Organisations need to safeguard against security breaches and threats. BlackBerry’s strategic approach creates a citadel climate in microseconds whereby their strategic approach to the dynamics of security and data privacy will be proficiently presented in the moments of threat neutralization.  That’s where BlackBerry’s Machine Learning will come in handy when partnering within the BlackBerry secure profile architecture of Cylance, Enterprise, and QNX business units. Currently 80% of the G20 nations choose BlackBerry as their cyber security business partner.


BlackBerry Laboratories is the latest in a series of strategic moves to protect endpoints in the Internet of Things Cyber environment. It’s the A to Z of safekeeping wisdom!


According to Mr Eagan:

“Primarily, the purpose of this new division is to integrate emerging technologies into the work we’re currently accomplishing.  We’re now looking at applying machine learning to our existing areas of application, including automotive, mobile security, and so on.  As new technologies and threats emerge, BlackBerry Labs will allow us to take a proactive approach to Cyber Security, not only updating our existing solutions, but evaluating how we can branch out and provide a more comprehensive, data-based, and diverse portfolio to secure the internet of things.”

“…BlackBerry is to be the world’s largest and most trusted AI-cybersecurity Company”

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