Internet speeds are about to get Turbo Charged!





Internet speeds may be taking a HUGE leap if the claims of Israeli firm Sckipio are true. According to recent press their product G.Fast has made upload and download speeds of 750MB/sec a reality – that’s about 50 times faster than your current internet!! But wait, there’s more – if a new chip comes out later this year speeds could double to 1.5GB/sec which is significantly faster than anything Google Fiber can attain.

OK, but the skeptic in me says this sounds too good to be true – there must be numerous hurdles to overcome before I see this in my home. Actually not. Compared to fiber optics it is significantly less expensive and G.Fast can utilize the phone lines already in use. In addition, “G.Fast works just as well over coaxial cables as it does over telephone lines.” The article goes on to ponder whether AT&T might be an early adopter of this tech as it is a very nice match with DirecTV.

While the technology sounds promising it may be a few years before you actually witness these speeds in your home.




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