Internet of Things


We are seeing more and more things being controlled from afar and on their own, by some estimates there will be a 300% increase in these devices before 2019. To be honest, I think that number is very conservative. We are already seeing smart-controlled home security systems, thermostats.

Imagine a refrigerator that contacts your smartphone with a grocery list.

Imagine your energy requirements being evaluated and regulated to be at an optimum both for the environment and your wallet. This is possible when everything that uses energy can communicate with the energy source. At this point most of the things in your home that use energy will be totally automated…. this can be a scary, unfathomable prospect at this time. That is where the world is headed. Less scary is the prospect that an elderly or ailing friend or relative is completely monitored and connected to his/her healthcare practitioner. That is also the Internet of Things (IoT).

Now the really scary part.


How secure will this be? Was Maximum Overdrive a preview of what to expect? Are machines going to take over our lives?

I am confident that will depend on who provides you with the services, I for one will stick with BlackBerry…They have a proven track record as far as security goes and at the moment they are working hard to stay well ahead of any competitor in that regard.

Here is a very interesting article on the subject

And here is an article on Inside BlackBerry about the topic that you may find interesting.

So given BlackBerry’s proven security record, where would you put your trust? Maybe some Korean company that will leak information to the Chinese (oops). Or will it be Apple which is getting hacked in a different manner almost weekly…. never mind that they are now partnering with IBM with the hopes of improvement…really? wanna be their guinea pig?




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