ASIA, EUROPE, AFRICA and the AMERICAS are the comprehensive continuum within the portfolio of the INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER TERMINAL SERVICES Inc which recently nominated BlackBerry Cylance technology to safeguard its global operational area.

International Container Terminal Services or ICTSI is based Manilla, Philippines. It consists of 32 ports in 18 countries and is accountable for ensuring that gateway ports internationally provide services of paramount excellence so that all cargo globally can transfer unconstrained. It’s a massive responsibility in the global transportation industry that if hindered unreliable through physical or cyber operations, it can have a detrimental impact on economic stability of a region. BlackBerry CylancePROTECT was preferred by ICTSI to take a pre-emptive approach against existing and future cyber threats! BlackBerry Cylance will initiate end-point protection strategy across the entire ICTSI global network.

“…Economies never sleep, but neither do hackers. ICTSI helps to ship goods that power economies around the clock, relying on sophisticated technology for the secure planning and dispatching of every container. Every movement must be on time and secure to deliver the level of reliability we promise: 10 million times per year, twenty-four-seven. Cybersecurity is our priority at ICTSI, and why we need equally sophisticated, AI-driven-technology like BlackBerry Cylance to protect our assets.”

Brian Hibbert, Chief Information Officer at ICTSI


Nine of the world’s 10 busiest ports are based in Asia, an import and export behemoth in the supply chain industry. The various global operational areas that are managed by ICTSI include in the Asia-Pacific: Philippines; Indonesia; Pakistan; Australia; Papua New Guinea. In the Americas: Brazil; Ecuador; Colombia; Argentina; Mexico and Honduras. And in Europe, Middle East & Africa: Poland; Georgia; Croatia; Iraq; Madagascar; Nigeria and the Congo. So the importance of cyber security to protect endpoints like these globally from any form of compromise is of the utmost importance.

BlackBerry Cylance is THAT solution that safeguards industries which truly regard security as important for future worldwide viability. The machine learning technology that BlackBerry provide, nullifies traditional endpoint security solutions that only focus on signatures & analysis to detect threats within the ecosystem. Cylance is a zero day threat solution that protects endpoint with a minimal resource package, it’s an always “online” security solution even when the system is offline and internet connectivity is disengaged, BlackBerry Cylance is still a 100% active security fortress and THAT is why International Container Terminal Services chose the best in the business for excellence in cyber security assurance!

“…Today, malware mutates daily, even hourly, making signature-based prevention tools obsolete. In mission-critical industries such as shipping and ports, with legacy systems and connected networks and devices, organizations must think beyond traditional antivirus. We are proud to help ICTSI move successfully from a traditional AV model to an AI-driven, preventative approach to threat mitigation with CylancePROTECT – ensuring the company is prepared for the next generation of threats.”

Evan Davidson, Vice President of Sales, BlackBerry Cylance

“…Don’t Stop Breaches! Prevent Them, with BlackBerry Cylance Artificial Intelligence”

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