Intercontinental Hotels Confirm Malware Breach

Hotel chain urges customers to monitor their card’s activities.

The Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) has confirmed that their servers were attacked with malware targeting customer payment information. This hack spanned several months at the end of 2016, and stretched across the US and even into Canada and the Caribbean.

The malware targeted user transactions at the bars and restaurants within their hotels.  The hotel chain encourages customers to review the affected locations to see if they may be at risk.

IHG has not confirmed if data was actually stolen. It is believed that if data was stolen, it would be sold to third parties through iniquitous internet auctions. They continue to work with law enforcement to resolve this breach and identify any other vulnerable locations.

Traveling safely has become even more intricate a process with securing one’s digital transactions. With tablet-based point-of-sale software, wireless payment options, and increasingly sophisticated ways of pirating data, the vulnerabilities almost beg to be exploited. It is crucial to be sure you trust the systems that access your personal information…or simply pay cash.




Erica Davis

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