InterApp, a Reason to Keep Your WiFi Turned Off

Rayzone Group is an Israeli defense technology firm, that has invented a new gadget. A rather frightening gadget. This gadget is a small box, whose whole purpose is to steal your information. And it does so easily.

It’s already a well known security risk to jump on public WiFi networks, but what if you’re not on a Wi-Fi network? There shouldn’t be any worry, right? That’s not the case anymore. This small box, doesn’t need you to be logged on to a network, it only needs you to have your WiFi turned on.

What’s at risk? Everything. Your emails, social media passwords, even Dropbox folder contents, lists, location history, basically everything within your phone, all without the user ever knowing that their information has been pillaged.

The source material states that the box works with a number of platforms, and specifically names iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Whether BlackBerry or Windows Phones are at risk are unknown, and Rayzone isn’t answering. The screenshot, included below, shows plenty of iOS devices being harvested.


Rayzone states they only offer their services to governments and intelligence agencies. And yet I’m not so sure that should make any of us feel any safer. Will you be adding one more task to your morning routine before you leave your home for work? I am. My WiFi will surely be turned off from now on.

Source: International Business Times


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  • Atmari

    BlackBerry needs to answer to this! I hate when there are new security threats, and they don’t specify if BlackBerry is affected by it. Android and iOS shouldn’t worry because whatever it is, they can rest assured that they’re affected by it lol

  • DonMariano

    Different technology, similar result. It’s very disturbing how many ways there are to steal our personal information.

  • Anthony

    When I’m not using WiFi on my Passport it’s off and I never use public WiFi. locco_smiley_21

    One thing BlackBerry could implement in BB10’s “Device Monitor” and the PRIV’s DTEK app is the ability to see what apps are uploading.

  • Martin

    Shouldn’t using encryption on one’s BlackBerry protect you from this type of snooping?

  • Anthony

    The picture has a partial date stamp, Nov. 1st to 30th.

    In the picture, 2nd column, 2nd from the bottom, shows a “BlackBerry” user.

    “Android 4.2.2” and the smudged letters above it could be “Z30”. locco_smiley_38

    • Martin

      I’m thinking it might be the user’s name…. BlackBerry Joe on a PRIV possibly.


      • Anthony

        Android on the PRIV is 5.1.1. It is weird it shows-up as Android OS. The picture could be a fake.