Instagram vulnerable to brute-force attacks



Well it seems that everything that Facebook touches turns to rust. Privacy and security are non-existent at Facebook (as they exist to collect your data, mine it and sell it).  WhatsApp is in the same boat and now we find out that Instagram has proudly followed in their footsteps. Think about the oddity that is social media. People have some basic expectation of privacy, yet proceed to log onto a website and share their activities from morning coffee selection to TV show they watch before bed and pretty much everything in between.

So once again hackers have reminded us how little these companies value our personal information such as email address, passwords, etc. Arne Swinnen, a Belgian software bounty hunter has found not 1 but 2 vulnerabilities within Instagram. These flaws allowed for brute-force attacks. To oversimplify, a brute-force attack typically uses a dictionary to check thousands of passwords against the users and is especially useful when there is no lockout policy. Luckily Facebook appreciated these discoveries and dug deep into their pockets to award Arne a total of $5,000 for his white-hat efforts.


Lesson learned, used social media at your own risk as no one is looking out for you.





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