Instagram Gives One More Reason to Leave Snapchat

Instagram adds a new feature, that Snapchat isn’t going to like.

I have never used Snapchat. Quite honestly, I feel like I’d be embarrassed for anyone to see it on my phone. Sure, it’s come a long way, from what I hear anyway. It’s gone from being that dirty little secret app, to a real social media/messaging platform, so I hear. I’ll admit, part of the app looks like fun. The filters. I’m not a selfie person, and I can’t imagine ever having a need to use those filters, but they do look fun. At one point, I’ll even admit I downloaded the app, but upon seeing that I’d need to make an account, I deleted the app. In any event, I hear Snapchat has become quite popular.

Instagram is another app I just don’t get. I do have an Instagram account. Although, I noticed when I started writing this, that I must have deleted the app from my phone. I’m sure I’ll install it again soon enough. In all honesty though, I just don’t get the point. A social network based around pictures? I like pictures. I like taking pictures. I even like viewing pictures. But in my surfing through Instagram, I haven’t really seen any pictures that really grab my attention. And I’ve seen way too many meals and coffee drinks. Instagram was hugely popular at one point. Is it still? I don’t know.

Now Instagram is bringing a new feature to their platform, and it appears to be ripped directly from Snapchat. Instagram’s Face Filters are and work, just as Snapchat’s filters do. You can have crown’s or rabbit ears, or other items placed on your face in photos, and videos, within the app. Good. I’ll finally be able to see how those work, once I install Instagram again. Don’t expect me to be posting any of those pics though.

Additionally, Instagram brings Rewind. Rewind allows the user to make videos that play in reverse. Now that’s something I would actually like.

Will Snapchat come up with something new to compete with Instagram? Will Instagram end up just taking it again? Does anyone really care?



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  • BlueTroll

    Snapgram?? Instachat?? What’s all that crap?? It should really be called anti-social media because it doesn’t really bring people together.

  • I tried SnapChat, but deleted it as I used it so infrequently. Instagram is something I enjoy, and I actually have some peeps I’ve gotten to know a bit and enjoy keeping up with. Its like Twitter in that you can get new information and learn about things. Some of the photogs are amazing and there is some gorgeous nature photography as well as some other compelling content. You wind up commenting on photos and having others comment on yours. In any event, its just another social network.