Instagram Abandons the Apple Watch

Apple’s smart watch is getting less smart.

It’s all about the apps right? Isn’t that what Apple told us in one of their marketing campaigns a few years back? They might want to be changing their tune, as Instagram joins a growing number of apps that is abandoning the Apple Watch.

Instagram was one of the first social networks to jump on the Apple Watch in the beginning. Since then, it seems that there has been very little development in it watch version. Now, with the latest iOS update to version 39.0, the smartwatch portion of the app disappears from the watch altogether. Oddly enough, Instagram didn’t even feel the need to put any sort of notice to users on the changelog for the app.

Apple has placed new requirements on apps developed for the device, and those requirements start this week. Any updates to apps will need to follow these new requirements, and apparently it just wasn’t worth it to Instagram.

Several apps have already left the platform, and with the new requirements in place by Apple, there will probably be several more that follow Instagram’s lead. What happens to a platform when the “big apps” don’t support it?

Source: 9to5Mac


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