Inside BlackBerry Corrects Recent Headlines

BlackBerry takes the time to do bloggers work for them on Inside BlackBerry

BlackBerry has been through many changes over the last several years. The company said goodbye to their old BBOS operating system and brought out a new QNX based BB10 operating system. When sales didn’t meet hopes, BlackBerry kept moving and brought their own secure version of Android to the market. While this was going on, BlackBerry pivoted it’s entire business model from a hardware company to a software company. Acquisitions became the norm, with the company not just acquiring companies that aligned with their new direction, but even a very good acquisition of one of their biggest competitors.

Something else happened to the company. Something more important than any acquisition, new product, or business pivot. Indeed, it’s the very thing that led to these changes. What happened was that management changed. Co-CEO’s Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie made BlackBerry, then called RIM, a legend. But they let the competition surpass them. And politely allowed the competition and media destroy the BlackBerry name. The duo stepped aside and allowed Thorsten Heins to take over as CEO. Thorsten Heins wasn’t around for long. During Heins’ tenure, we saw the previously somewhat negative narrative grow in to so much more. Many believed that BlackBerry was shutting down or being sold off. The media narrative was that BlackBerry was no more, and no one was denying it.

The turning point occurred when John Chen took the CEO reigns. Originally planned to be a temporary position, we soon saw Chen take full ownership of his position. Under his leadership, we saw what I’m sure will someday be seen as a legendary turnaround occur. Chen brought in a new executive team of proven turnaround artists. Chen and his team did things much differently than previous management. They corrected the narrative. They introduced Fact Check on the Inside BlackBerry blog, correcting false claims from media and competitors. They took to social media to proudly brag about the amazing work they are doing, and to correct those that stated otherwise. This new team was not going to sit idly by while others would drag the BlackBerry name through the mud.

As a long time fan of BlackBerry products, who was long frustrated with BlackBerry’s lack of action when being attacked, I love seeing when the BlackBerry executive team defend their company. I absolutely love it.

BlackBerry has again gone on the defense. This time over a few recent pieces we’ve seen over the last week. Once again, BlackBerry is providing the facts behind these posts, and showing, quite fairly, how inaccurate headlines can direct a false narrative. In this post at Inside BlackBerry, we see BlackBerry make corrections to stories that are both positive and negative for BlackBerry, as well as pointing out that one isn’t really about BlackBerry at all. Its a great read and should be shared to any that may have read any of the articles this post is speaking to.

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