Innovation is in the eye of the beholder


Today many iPhonians are glued to their phones, mAxi-Pads, mIni-Pads, or Macs to hang on every word that comes out of Cupertino regarding the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone. At the time it was a disruptor, innovating the way people look at smartphones. Unfortunately the disruptions and innovations have become fewer and farther between. Not wanting to appear old or dated Apple started utilizing technology that was already available and with much hubris claiming that they perfected the technology. One good example is Near Field Communications aka NFC. Apple was a few years late to the game and released a crippled version. iPhone fans went crazy over this game-changing feature. Now they’re copying technology from 2012 (BB10) with the swipe and peek features – will it ever end?

Not one to shy away from the public, Qualcomm decided to release their list of innovations and inventions yesterday in a slightly veiled shot at Apple, one day before their media circus. The graphic used in the posting is captured below. As you can see Samsung, Sony and a host of others were the true innovators which may be one of the many reasons why the Android OS has approximately 5x the market share as iOS. That and the fact they don’t charge you twice the price for dated technology.

But for those of you who prefer to perpetually stab away at a Home button feel free to tune in to Tim Cook, et al and prepare to be fleeced.



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