Infinity War: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Even more entertainment to be had with out favorite Avengers.

Avengers: Infinity War was the movie that all of us Marvel Movie fans had been waiting on. It was the culmination of all the movies that came before it. We were finally going to see all of our heroes meet up and battle together. Except that didn’t really seem to happen. Sure, there was a grand battle with most of our heroes in Wakanda. But there was also a battle taking place in space with some of our favorites. And then, after it all, we had a dusty ending.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie. But I don’t think it was really the payoff we were expecting. Maybe in the next one? We can all hope. In the meantime though, YouTubers are having fun with the movie, and for some of us, giving us a little more fun than can be had watching people disappear in what looks like a Star Trek beaming accident.

How about the much awaited trailer from none other than Honest Trailers? It’s a trailer, it’s honest, and it’s funny.

Have you ever wondered what the movie would look like on your old Sega Genesis? Then how about a 16 bit version of the space battle from the movie? This is done extremely well.

And finally, my favorite, a trailer done in the style of one of my favorite movies, which also just happened to be a commercial flop. The hugely successful Avengers: Infinity War trailer, done in the style of much beloved but really underperforming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Even if you’re feeling a little over the Marvel super hero movies, surely one of these videos will still be to your liking.


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