Indiana Student Arrested for Popular Video Game

Some stories, you just can’t make up.

Sean Small is an senior at Scottsburg High School in Indiana. The 18 year old is on the wrestling team and is also in the Indiana National Guard. On Tuesday he was arrested for posting a clip of a video game to Facebook.

The game is question was “The Walking Dead: Our World”. I’m sure you’ve seen it advertised on various websites and within other games which you play. The game is an augmented reality shooter. The player moves their phone around, and virtual zombies are superimposed over the images of the real world by using the phone’s camera. The video clip that Small posted to his Facebook account was taken in the hallway of his school.

He was arrested and faces charges of intimidation which he has plead not guilty to. He is currently free on a $1000 bond and next week faces and expulsion hearing.

For a mainstream video game.

Was Sean Small attempting to threaten other students through the use of this mainstream video game? It doesn’t seem like it from his post in which he commented, “Finally something better than Pokemon Go.” In fact, thanks to the apps settings, other student’s in the clip could not even be identified.

In this day and age of school shootings, it is understandable that people would look twice at any instance that could be seen as a threat. But a teen playing a popular mobile game at school? Posting a clip of game play to social media? That hardly seems like a threat. It hardly seems as if someone should be arrested for it.

Sean Small’s father, Kris Small said it best to local station Wave 3 News, ““He’s targeting zombies. So unless zombies are now a protected class in Scott County, I don’t think anyone’s threatened by this.”


Source: Fox News


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