India Retailers To Boycott iPhone 6?

Priced to sell online!
Priced to sell online!

The Economic Times are reporting that Indian retailers may be boycotting the iPhone 6. You see, Apple has been clearing out their inventory of iPhone 5’s and online retailers are selling the devices at deep discounts. To the point that consumers can purchase the phones online at prices lower than the retailers cost.

Titu Tanwani, one of the largest distributors of mobile phones in Jaipur, told ET that many retailers had decided to stop selling iPhones as they were facing massive flak from consumers who are able to buy the devices online at much lower prices.

With online prices on the iPhone as much as 36% lower than the original retail prices that regular retailers are selling the app launchers for, it’s no surprise that some retailers are returning their stock to the distributor.

With the western world’s cell phone market now saturated, India is a huge growth market for cell phone manufacturers. How much will it hurt Apple if the brick and mortar retailers stop carrying their devices? Of course, consumers can always go online. Apple watchers may be in for some interesting times in India.


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