India Fines Google $21 Million

Google fined in India for breaking antitrust rules.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has completed it’s investigation into Google’s “search bias” and abuse of dominant position. The investigation first launched in 2012 based on complaints of website Bharat Matrimony and the non-profit organization Consumer Unity and Trust Society.

In it’s whopping 190 page order, “Google was found to be indulging in practices of search bias and by doing so, it causes harm to its competitors as well as to users” says CCI, ““Google was leveraging its dominance in the market for online general web search, to strengthen its position in the market for online syndicate search services.”

This is just the latest judgement against Google who has been fined previously by the European Commission and in Russia.

The fine issued by the CCI amounts to 5% of the average total revenue generated by Google in it’s Indian operations, or roughly $21.17. This amount must be paid within 60 days.

India Google

Source: Reuters


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