In Case You Didn’t Know…

“In case you didn’t know” is a blog about the little things you can find in BB10, that some people didn’t know about. The little tidbits that can help a user make their experience better, and maybe pass on the knowledge to someone else. Remember, knowledge is power, so lets begin.

Turning Off And On The Speed Dial List

Phone app settings
Phone app settings

I love the speed dial list. It’s the handful of people that I’ve hand selected as worthy contacts, the same people I want to see when I open the phone app every time. My wife, mom, my work, John Chen and the pizza joint down the street.

With that said, I know that not everyone likes what I like, and not everyone finds the speed dial list a convenient thing. So I’m here to show you, yes you, how to turn it off.

All you have to do is open your phone app, pull down from the top, tap on the settings icon. Once inside the phone settings menu, you’ll see all kinds of fun settings, but today we are going to focus on the speed dial list. Swipe your way down until you find a setting called ‘speed dial’ with a gold star next to it. Once inside, you’ll see one toggle, turn it off. Boom! you just turned off speed dial!

I hoped this helped someone out there in the BlackBerry universe.

If we help just one person, we are doing our job.