Imitation and Flattery…..really?

So even though imitation is typically considered the sincerest form of flattery, when it comes to business it is usually frowned upon and possibly litigated. Some companies get away with it. Do you like copycats?

copycat Well, these guys maybe.

BlackBerry has been working very hard under new leadership. New handsets, top notch (second to none) security, innovation in the enterprise sector as well as automotive infotaiment systems while tying all this together into the most trouble-free end to end service for the consumer. From you to the world hassle-free.

But when it comes to businessi-hate-copycat

Meanwhile, this is Apples big news for the fall. It would seem they are trying to flatter BlackBerry. (All ios quotes are directly from Apples Canadian website).

iOS 8 is the biggest iOS release ever — for developers and everyone else. But that wasn’t the goal. We simply set out to create the most natural experience. Each enhancement has a purpose. Every new feature deserves to be a new feature. Each function is more considered, each next step is more efficient. It all adds up to an even better experience — one that is pleasantly surprising at first and becomes utterly indispensable before you know it.”

Well, well, well, lets see about that shall we?

All BlackBerry Quotes are directly from Blackberry’s website. This is what BlackBerry had to say about the new typing experience on a BlackBerry 10 device…. way back when.

A keyboard that
takes the initiative

However you prefer to type, the BlackBerry®‎ Keyboard is a fast learner. It learns your individual writing style and adapts to it, making personalized next-word suggestions. So whether you’re flicking words on to your touchscreen or making steam come off your QWERTY keys, you won’t be the only one leading from the front.”


Here’s is Apple’s announcement on their not-yet-released NEW OS

iOS 8 predicts what you’ll likely say next.
No matter whom you’re saying it to.

Now you can write entire sentences with a few taps. Because as you type, you’ll see choices of words or phrases you’d probably type next, based on your past conversations and writing style. iOS 8 takes into account the casual style you might use in Messages and the more formal language you probably use in Mail. It also adjusts based on the person you’re communicating with, because your choice of words is likely more laid back with your spouse than with your boss. Your conversation data is kept only on your device, so it’s always private.”

Again, here we have BlackBerry in 2013

“A BBM experience that
keeps you in the loop

When the world seems intent on interrupting your flow, BlackBerry 10 has your back. With Instant Previews, you can preview incoming BBM, text and email messages from within any app so you never miss a beat. Just touch them to be taken directly to that message in the BlackBerry Hub, or respond to your BBM and text chats without leaving the app you are in. So whether you’re browsing the web or editing documents, you don’t have to leave what you’re doing to stay connected and responsive.”

……and Apple not-yet-released

“Interactive notifications let you stay focused while you stay in touch.

Take action on texts, email, calendar invitations, reminders, and even messages from apps like Facebook right from their notification banners — without leaving the app you’re in. Now it’s easy to quickly reply to important messages and keep doing what you were doing.”

Are you seeing the pattern here? Will the iPhone 7 have 1440 x 1440 screen and a “unique” keyboard that doubles as a trackpad? Are they going to start using batteries that will last the day? More importantly will people have finally seen through all the smoke and mirrors to the copycats left in the dust long ago by the company that actually cares about and listens to its customers



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  • Brad

    The way Apple does it is not flattery. It’s theft. I know most features are borrowed from one platform or another anymore, the difference is, with other platforms, when something is borrowed, it is introduced as a feature. When Apple borrows, they claim innovation and pretend they came up with it. Yes, no borrowing there, it’s straight thievery.

    • nnik

      I know, I tried to be nice…. I really want people to develop interest and research this stuff. What Apple has been doing, especially under Jobs, is just plain criminal

  • ray689

    Agreed. Apple goes beyond flattery and theft for that matter. Because not only do they steal ideas, they then somehow get away with a patent and turn around and sue for infringement. Its a broken system and they have mastered it. But don’t tell that to the iDiots…apple has invented everything.

    • nnik

      didn’t Apple have the patent troll “rockstar” in its arsenal against people who couldn’t afford litigation?

  • Poita316

    Just thinking here… but does BlackBerry hold a / the pattent for this?
    If so, why not sue the CRAP(ple) out of them? I mean, if they can get a billion out of Samsung for infringing pattents why not?
    Personally, that would be my legal wetdream :D Apple getting screwed the same way they screw others by this cute little Canadian smartphone maker…
    But just a thought though :)

    • jrohland

      Because apple has the money to drag this suit out forever and make it so expensive BlackBerry will be broke before they win. This is the tactic always used when a small fish tries to bring an infringement suit against a whale.

  • razrrob

    It was nice to see Chen go after ‘TYPO’, maybe the new guy at BlackBerry Technology Solutions, Dr Sandeep Chennakeshu, will go after crApple as part of his patent role

  • Blackjack

    Top job on the research there nik my fine fellow.
    OMG I’ve been hanging around too many Brits. locco_smiley_13

    • Watch out BJ! Those Ingrish are sneaky! locco_smiley_31

      They’ll try and get you to follow all their ways! :o

  • Nik. Great article. It’s so F’n depressing though. Apple will have invented fire, the wheel, the printing press, electricity, etc. by the time they’re finished. All we can do is stay positive as Chen’s strategies bear fruit.

    Thanks for the heads up though. Now I know what to listen for the next time an iOS user confronts me with his drivel.

    • nnik

      I wanna take the wind out of their sail (read sales) ….. let as many people as possible know where the innovation came from

  • BB4edge

    Nice article. I’ll have to pass it along…