Imgur Learns of 2014 Hack

Popular image sharing site Imgur was hacked in 2014

Imgur was just made aware that they were hacked back in 2014. In the hack, about 17 million user email addresses and passwords were stolen. Luckily, this is the extent of user information which was made available to hackers as this is the only information Imgur collects on users. With so many services requesting real names, phone numbers, and so much more information, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear about a service which allows us to keep that information to ourselves. Unfortunately, it didn’t save them from being attacked by malicious actors.

The company became aware of the hack when the stolen data made it’s way to data breach notification service Have I Been Pwned. Service runner Troy Hunt immediately notified Imgur. This took place on Thursday, which was Thanksgiving in the US. Imgur is based in California and would be expected to be celebrating the holiday, however they issued an immediate response disclosing the breach publicly, and resetting affected users passwords.

The company states that they have increased site security since 2014, but are investigating how the breach occurred, and will be disclosing the details to the relevant authorities.

source: ZD Net


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